Spotlight Interview: Puneet Saxena, VP Manufacturing Solutions Strategy, JDA

Puneet SaxenaPuneet is responsible for JDA’s solution, sales and marketing strategy for asset-intensive manufacturing industries, including semiconductor, automotive, metals, energy, chemicals and oil.
1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with Business Review Webinars?

With the limited time that business people have today and the very relevant audience it was an easy decision to make!

2. What are you looking forward to explaining to the audience?

Leading manufacturing supply chains exhibit some common traits that result in superior performance.  We call these traits the core tenets of high performance supply chains: Customer-centricity, segmentation, business-agility, synchronisation and optimisation.  Over the course of this webinar, we will delve into these core tenets in adequate level of detail, provide examples from real companies and hear directly from a leading practitioner in the high tech industry at SanDisk Corporation who helped make these tenets a reality for his company, earning SanDisk Gartner’s Supply Chainnovator Award in 2014.

3. What is the ideal outcome you would like from doing the webinar?

Our desire is for supply chain practitioners to learn what it truly takes for supply chains to operate at a high level of performance, in all business conditions.  We hope that webinar participants will be able to learn from the experiences of other companies such as SanDisk Corporation that have traveled this path before them and then apply some of this learning to their own supply chain operations.

4. What is the most interesting thing you’ve done within your current role?

I have helped growing companies turn their supply chains into sustainable competitive advantage, watching some of them, such as SanDisk Corporation, grow fifteen-fold in annual revenues over a 10 year span.

5. What motivates you?

For more than two decades that I have worked in manufacturing and supply chain management, helping make a positive difference has been my biggest motivator.  Tremendous opportunities remain in supply chains for further improvement.

Puneet and his colleague Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner,VP Industry Strategy, EMEA will be presenting their webinar ‘The Core Tenets of High Performance Supply Chains‘ on the 3rd September at 3pm London time. Register now.


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