Spotlight Interview: Jake Sharp, Publisher at Business Review Webinars

Jake SharpInitially, Jake worked as the Advertising Manager for Inflight Media, British Airways  and in 2000 took on the role as Publisher for Business Review Webinars, Progressive Digital Media. He has developed a successful team which is now seen as one of the leading providers for global webinar services. He holds BA Hons in Economics & Politics, Manchester University. Jake enjoys fishing and time with his family.

As the Director of Business Review Webinars, what is your vision for 2014?

My vision this year is to continue to build upon our successes and to create high level discussions between industry thought leaders and business professionals who are actively facing the day-to-day challenges within their respective sectors. 2014 is going to be an action packed year, delivering you more exciting webinars than ever before!

What is an advantage of running webinars through BRW? 

An advantage running webinars with us is that you gain access to a global network of relevant industry experts to invite along to your webinar presentations. This is due to being part of Progressive Digital Media and our experience in producing highly successful webinars campaigns.

In your experience, what makes a successful webinar? 

For me, a successful webinar is one that has an interesting and relevant topic and an enthusiastic and engaging presenter that interacts with the audience. All of these qualities round off a quality and challenging presentation.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I am a keen fisherman, having landed a 500lb sturgeon in Canada as well as having travelled through the Caribbean, Africa and Australia in pursuit of big game fish. A great way to see some of the word’s most beautiful and remote places.

Who or what inspires you?

In this world no one is perfect. Everybody have their own positives and negatives. I take the positives of each person I meet as an inspiration to me.

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