Spotlight Interview: Cheryl Johnson, Global Business Development, PantoneLIVE

Cheryl JohnsonCheryl Johnson is currently Global Business Development for PantoneLIVE, across Esko, X-Rite & Pantone. She has 26 years experience in the packaging and prepress industry spanning two continents. Starting her career in the repro house of England, and progressing to production/operations management in the US. She joined Esko 10 years ago in a sales capacity, spending the last two years at X-Rite Pantone being immersed in color, and heading up sales efforts during the launch of PantoneLIVE.


1. What is the most informative fact of the webinar?

That it is possible to achieve color consistency, there is effort that has to go into it, taking control of the color and the process is essential , however by embracing today’s technology and the digital world we live in, it is possible.

 2. Who or what was your inspiration for getting you into this industry?

I don’t remember, it was a long time ago… I think I always wanted to be a designer, and then discovered I really didn’t have the imagination for it. But I was very good at taking something and making it better. Like prepping a design for press, or mechanical artwork, so I fell into the pre-media side.

3. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done within your current role?

It’s all interesting, I’m in color, for me this was always the most exciting part of packaging, and now I get to focus on it. I still find it exciting to call on Brands on whose products I use, and to see things on shelf I was involved with, I also get to travel quite bit which can be fun.

4. How do you relax in your leisure time?

I like to read, preferably on my swing chair in the garden… I’ve just spent 6 months reading the first 5 Books from a Song of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones), I like to plant things too, love being outside, hanging with friends, driving my sports car.. I’m about to go exploring around Peru for a week.

5. And finally …

Porsche or BMW? Maserati!!

Laptop or Tablet? Laptop, if it’s a Mac

Red or white wine? I prefer Beer

Soccer or tennis? Tennis

You can register for for Cheryl’s upcoming webinar ‘Color Everywhere (and everywhere the same)’, which takes place on the 22nd May at 10am New Ytork/3pm London by clicking here.

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