September Quiz Questions

Supply Chain Quiz Question

Which of the following was not a motivating force behind the adoption of supply chain management?

a) Improved communication brought about by better technology

b) Recognition that customer decision dictate costs for suppliers

c) Increased competition

d) Cost cutting efforts by dominant companies in supply chains


Energy Quiz Question

What country is the premier source of steel for nuclear power plants?

a) U.S.

b) Japan

c) Chile

d) Scotland


Life Science Quiz Question

The term Antibiotic was coined by:

a) Alexander Flemming

b) Selman Walksman

c) Louis Pasteur

d) Robert Koch

e) Pollender


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The answers to last month’s quiz questions are:

Supply: Why is it a challenge for organizations to implement supply chain management software in developing countries?

Answer: d) All of the above


Energy: How much energy from a coal power plant makes it to customers as electricity?

Answer: b) A third


Life Sciences: What does GFP stand for?

Answer: b) Green Fluorescent Protein



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