Ross Collins – Director, James Ross Consulting

Ross CollinsRoss Collins is a Director of James Ross Consulting, an independent global packaging consultancy operating from offices in the US, UK and Australia. Ross has over 30 years of experience in packaging engineering and project management and is a Fellow of the IOM3. He established James Ross Consulting in 1993 and since then the business has worked for major blue chip clients world-wide. Software development within James Ross Consulting began in response to a need for a next generation tool kit, one that would enable users to work collaboratively in developing solutions that were acceptable to marketing and optimized for the total supply chain. This provides clients with lowest cost / lowest footprint solutions for global markets.

What are you looking forward to explaining to the audience?

I am looking forward to explaining the genesis of PackDevPro and how the tool can drive better decision making within the NPD process and supply chain. This will provide direct cost and sustainability benefits for users and represents a new approach for packaging NPD.

Why did you decide to do a webinar with Business Review Webinars?

This is an exciting time for James Ross Consulting. We are officially launching our proprietary PackDevPro software and see this webinar as an opportunity to engage with the community it benefits.

PackDevPro has been critical to projects we have worked on in the past and we are looking forward to sharing its benefits as well our expertise with this community.

How did you get into the industry and what do you most enjoy about your role?

I am one of I am sure many ‘accidental technologists’ who ended up in packaging inadvertently. My original contact with packaging was in the pharma sector, where I worked on Quality Management initiatives – packaging seemed so much more interesting…the rest, as they say, is history. I think the most enjoyable aspect of the industry is the variety – packaging impacts marketing, design, cost, supply chain, engineering and operations – there is never a dull moment!

What are you hoping to achieve in the future in your personal and professional life?

Professionally, my goal is to establish James Ross Consulting as the leading force in packaging consultancy and to make it a benchmark for innovation and delivery of value for our clients. On a personal level, I am excited by the impact and potential that new technologies, like PackDevPro can bring to sustainability – we live in an age where technology is empowering and creating opportunities for us like never before.

Where is your favourite place in the world? I have been very lucky in being able travel a lot through working with James Ross Consulting – I have seen some great places and some not so great – but probably because of the travel home is always top of this list.

Join Ross Collins and James Ross Consulting discussing on their webinar entitled ‘Taking Control of Your Packaging‘ on 25th April.

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