Quiz Question: How can supply chain be socially irresponsible?

A. Business partner (buyers and suppliers) and Labour related issues
B. Customer related issues
C. Environment related issues
D. Culture, country, and community related issues
E. All of the above

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2 thoughts on “Quiz Question: How can supply chain be socially irresponsible?”

  1. The potential for E – all the above is very possible. If the ComEd Supply employee doesn’t read the special instructions on the material request, as to what the customer requirements are: amount of, if special order what specifics are, special instructions phone number, names to whom the material is suppose to go to. They should call the vendor if material has not arrived as promised or if there is a special circumstance such as storms in United States where materials ComEd needed, are being rerouted to other areas for emergencies. Communication is key. Keep your customer with the material request informed as they may need to do the same for whom they ordered material for.
    When ordering give the appropriate amount of time to the vendor, keep in contact with the sales representative. You need to give the correct items so that the electric customer can have their electric restored, if that is the case, in a timely fashion. Expedite if there is medical issue. Communicate-Communicate

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