Practical 5G: What is it good for?

By Sonal Ghelani, Research Manager, 5G World

5G networks are fast becoming known as the future of wireless technology, enabling the connected world, supporting multiple devices and services at one time.

This will require superfast connectivity, low latent, reliable networks. 5G promises to transform the way we look at the telecom, technology and enterprise industries, bringing the ecosystem together to create new partnerships, new revenue generating business models, and exceptional services for consumers.

With this in mind, challenges such as 5G infrastructure, core network, RAN, standards, spectrum allocation and where LTE stands in the 5G era, all need to be addressed today.

Over the past decade, LTE has been the focus for mobile operators and key solution providers. For now, LTE is a superfast reliable network, enabling many connected services along with capabilities such as VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi and more.

4G is commercially deployed worldwide, but the investment made for this network has not yet reached its peak. This leaves uncertainty around where LTE stands in the 5G era: an important question which needs to be answered.

Currently, telecom operators – both fixed and mobile – are trialling what they think is 5G. We expect to see fixed operators moving to enhanced mobile broadband networks and mobile operators to enable M2M capabilities. These trials are working towards setting 5G standards, which are due to be confirmed/set by the end of 2017. Spectrum allocation will also be made, to ensure the bandwidth that 5G services require are available once 5G is deployed.

2020 is when we expect to see the first commercial launch of 5G. Much work and investment still needs to go into 5G R&D before this vision becomes a reality, and many challenges need to be addressed.

5G World Summit 2017, part of TechXLR8, aims to bring together the full 5G ecosystem to tackle these topics in detail. It will be the meeting point for industry leaders in the 5G & LTE community.

To download the full white paper Practical 5G: What is it good for? covering use cases including 5G in enhanced mobile broadband and in the delivery of new consumer services and the Internet of Things, please complete the form here.

For more information on attending 5G World or any of the other TechXLR8 events that take part during London Tech Week, visit the event website.


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