Petter Moree – Industry Principal, OSIsoft

A conversation with Petter Moree, Industry Principal at OSIsoft.

Petter MoreePetter joined OSIsoft in October 2015 as the Industry Principal for Life Sciences, Food & Beverages and Specialty Chemicals, ensuring these markets obtain optimal value through their use of the PI System. Petter is based in southern Sweden and works globally with most of the leading pharmaceutical companies and strategic partners in the OSIsoft partner ecosphere.

What do you hope the audience will learn from this webinar?

I hope the audience understands the importance of operational data in the pharma industry. Operational Data addresses several crucial challenges; from time to market in R&D all the way to the ability to make data driven decisions in QbD and PAT, but also covers regulatory aspects such as Data Integrity and CPV.

What discussions do you look forward to having with the audience?

How others have done global rollouts of data infrastructure, what business cases they have solved, compliance questions such as data integrity and Electronic Batch Recording and Review by Exception.

Keeping in mind my background in statistics and data science for the pharma industry, I would be happy to receive questions related to analytics and tools and solutions for operational data access.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The ability to meet many skilled and talented people who really challenge and educate me. As well as being part of the digital revolution in the industry and having an opportunity to influence and contribute to it which is very exciting.

How did you get into the industry?

It started at the Umeå University where I was introduced to the Design of Experiments and Chemometrics, and I later acquired a position which allowed me to apply and educate the pharma industry on these topics. I think the reason that I got into stats and match was that during my studies at the university I enjoyed solving problems more than being in the laboratory.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Wherever I am, I most enjoy being with my family, and in particular doing something all of us enjoy, for example alpine skiing in winter or fishing in the mountains in the summer.

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