Peter J. Boogaard, CEO / Founder at Industrial Lab Automation

People-PeterBoogaardPLAAMSPeter Boogaard has extensive experience in laboratory management to enable cross-functional collaboration between research, development, quality assurance and manufacturing corporations. Peter is founder of Industrial Lab Automation. He is publishing in national and international magazines and contributes in several industry advisory boards. Peter is Dutch citizen, studied analytical chemistry in Delft and is a Member of ISPE.

1. As a new partner of BRW, how will you benefit from this relationship?

My relationship with BRW started 2 years ago by delivering high content value, during well attended and successful webinars. The feedback from both industry delegates and solution providers has been overwhelming positive. Based upon that success I am excited to extend my relationship and bridge domain expertise from solution providers with the industry during our Paperless Lab Academy congres.

2. Can you tell me what the benefits of attending your annual Paperless Lab Academy are?

The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform, for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying laboratory data management systems. It is recognised as the leading European laboratory automation by industry experts. Managing change is easier sad than done. The Paperless Lab Academy will help the scientific industry to industrialise processes and to adopt a new mindset to manage the change processes.

3. In your experience, what makes a successful campaign?

When you deliver the right message to the right audience to deliver better than expected results.

 4. What motivates you?

The energy and passion created by clients telling me “Thank you, you have significant helped me to over achieve my goals”.

5. What has been the best moment in your career?

To start my independent consulting company. Should have done that earlier.


Please come and visit us at the Paperless Lab Academy on 14-15 April in Barcelona.

Find out more details and register here.

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