As you might already know, we are hosting a webinar on the use of 3D bioprinting to generate reproducible skin models. It will be on Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020 and you are invited to register for free here.

During this webinar we will hear about the potential of printing cell-laden biomaterials to create functional skin in vitro. We will learn from experts at Regemat3D who are working on developing their own 3D printed layered skin model. As part of Biogelx’s ongoing collaboration with Regemat3D, researchers from the bioprinting company are using Biogelx-INKs for the generation of such advanced models with the support from our bioink expert Dr. Chris Allan.

Now, we are happy to introduce Chris as the first speaker of the webinar. Chris Allan is a Biomaterial Development Scientist who has worked extensively on the development of our novel range of bioinks, which are based on Biogelx’s proprietary peptide hydrogel technology. On the upcoming webinar he will talk about the requirements of a biomaterial to be suitable for demanding bioprinting applications, and he will introduce Biogelx-INK versatile bioink technology.

Biogelx-INKs are synthetically made but biologically active. The Biogelx material utilized for this specific Regemat3D project is Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER which contains a key six-amino-acid biomimetic sequence that is relevant for the extracellular matrix protein collagen, and which offers the advantage of creating an accurate and standardised scaffold for this particular skin model.

If you’re interested and would like to know more ahead of the webinar next month, you can read about the benefits of our peptide Biogelx-INK platform here, and detail on the specific bioink utilised in the model which will be presented can be found here: Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER.

Chris will be answering questions after the webinar, so be sure to register here and join us on Tuesday, 21st of January, we would love to see you there!

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