November Quiz Questions:


Supply Chain Quiz Question

What year was the first commercial cardboard box made in England?

Energy Quiz Question

Japan turns which of the following into renewable energy?

– Crowd noise

– Stationary bikes in spinning classes

– Footsteps at Tokyo train stations

– Leftover sushi rise

Life Science Quiz Question

Does the temperature in winter increase your chance of getting a cold?


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The entry period is from 8th November 2014 to 8th December 2014. All entries must be received by midnight on 8th December 2014.

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The answer to quizzes last month are:

The QR Code system was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave Incorporated, but what was it used for?

Answer: The QR code system was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave. Its purpose was to track vehicles during manufacture; it was designed to allow high-speed component scanning.

Many NFL teams tackle cold weather by warming their fields using tubes heated with what?

Answer:  Many NFL teams tackle cold weather by warming their fields using tubes heated with natural gas.

Which drug was the first antibiotic used to fight T.B?

Answer: On November 20, 1944, the antibiotic Streptomycin was administered for the first time to a critically ill TB patient. The effect was almost immediately impressive.

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