Supply Chain Quiz Question

In today’s supply chain, there has been a shift in the power structure towards:

a)       Retailers

b)       Raw-material suppliers

c)       Manufacturers

d)       Distributors

e)       Third-party logistics service providers


Energy Quiz Question

How much energy from a coal power plant makes it to customers as electricity?

a)       A quarter

b)       A third

c)       Half

d)       Two-thirds


Life Science Quiz Question

A drug ending in the suffix (pril) is considered a ______.

a)      H

b)      ACE inhibitor

c)       Antifungal

d)      Beta agonist


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The answers to last months quiz questions are:

Supply: Which of the following is NOT a factor impacting the supply chain?

Answer: Longer product life cycles.


Energy: How many people around the world rely on biomass energy like wood or dung for cooking?

Answer: 2.6 billion. The International Energy Agency and other global organizations estimate approximately 2.6 billion people in developing countries – more than one-third of the world’s population – rely on biomass for cooking. An additional 200-300 million people rely on coal for cooking and heating purposes.  All this has serious consequences for human health; about 3.5 million people die prematurely each year from exposure to indoor air pollution from these practices. Access to modern energy sources and advanced technologies could cut this loss of life significantly.


Life Sciences: “Pharmaceutical” derives from the Greek…. 

Answer: “Pharmaceutical” derives from the Greek pharmakeutikos (from pharmakeutēs ‘druggist’, from pharmakon ‘drug’.


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