Managing mass change in medical device labeling

Warren Stacey, SVP of Global Sales at PRISYM ID, takes a look at the key issues and invites readers to attend a free webinar on the topic on Monday, December 14


Product labeling is particularly demanding in the medical device industry owing to the extensive amount of content required – from instructions for use (IFUs) and compliance statements to the logo and product name.

Furthermore, specifications and regulations for content are likely to differ between countries, and they are also subject to change; so, companies must be fleet of foot to ensure continued compliance.

However, locating all the relevant information and then making mass change quickly can be a major administrative challenge that can expose companies to risk and create costly delays in the supply chain.

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Different companies have different ways of managing mass change and at PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions, we are always keen to learn more about this and help companies find new ways to streamline the process.

To help gather further insights, we are asking medical device companies to complete a short survey that is being run ahead of our forthcoming webinar on mass change on December 14 at 9am EST/2pm GMT/3pm CET.

The survey, which can be accessed via this link. will help us to ensure that we tailor the content of the webinar to best support the needs of our audience. It will be open until December 12 and takes just a few minutes to complete. All entrants will be entered into a prize draw to win a $50/£50 Amazon gift card.

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At the webinar entitled: ‘Push the Button on Mass Change Events for Medical Device Labeling’, we will explain how companies can ‘Simplify and Standardize their Approach to Managing Content Changes to Regulated Labels, Multi-page Documents and IFUs.’

The discussions will explore the value of managing mass change centrally and how this can be achieved. For example, by using the right platform, companies can keep track of usage links between content and quickly access details of labels or multi-page documents that make use of certain content, such as specific images or phrases.

They can also conduct searches on content components, make change requests and manage version control via straightforward automated processes that enable them to ensure compliance, reduce the risk associated with mass change and keep the supply chain running quickly and smoothly.

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