Lee James, CTO EMEA, Rackspace

A post-webinar interview with Lee James – CTO, EMEA at Rackspace

BRW: What did the audience gain from attending your webinar?

That multi-cloud is prevalent across a number of industries and our customers. Our customers feel comfortable with this approach to help drive their business.  But they highlighted that they must choose the right partner to help build the right integration, organisational model, cost optimisation and security model.

BRW: What would you say is the biggest challenge currently being faced by your industry?

Expertise is regularly the top issue being faced by our customer’s. As new capabilities are released across multiple cloud services, leveraging these capabilities for business benefits at speed while being secure, integration and optimised is critical and having multi skilled expertise across your organisation and in areas outside of IT is key.

BRW: What was your favourite part about presenting to a live audience?

I always get the greatest pleasure from presenting our opinion and getting feedback especially in Q&A.  I love to hear what others think and their thoughts and ideas.  I love how in live sessions it can be really interactive.

BRW: If you could give one piece of advice to another presenter, what would it be?

Be yourself/authentic, show your passion, be to the point and welcome all feedback!

BRW: What has been the highlight of your career?

Every time a customer (either internal or external) has thanked my team for delivering value.  Hearing others praise the solutions and services is the greatest highlight. Really shows that you made a difference!

The webinar entitled ‘Multi cloud: How can your business benefit?’ presented by Lee James is still available to watch on-demand.

Click Here to watch the webinar.

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