Kevin Kolmetz, Product Manager, Topside Oil & Gas, Moog


Kevin Kolmetz started at Moog in 2011. Kevin has spent 11 years supporting electro-hydraulic and pneumatic actuation needs of customers in the aerospace, defence and industrial markets. He has completed degrees in Mechanical Engineering and New Product Development from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY USA


What will the audience learn from attending the webinar?

As a company, we balance our technology solutions between hydraulic and electric. The audience will hear from an unbiased source about the pros and cons of both types of technologies across multiple applications. You never know what will ultimately meet the customer’s challenge. For example, we helped to engineer the roof over Wimbledon’s center court. Originally that was to be a hydraulic solution. Hydraulic fluid dripping on grass is a bad thing; we ultimately developed an electric solution because we had the know-how to do so.

How did you get into the industry and what do you most enjoy about your role?

I had a background in fluid power for the aerospace and industrial markets. I started working with small companies making valves for the aerospace and defense industries. I know how engineering works, but I’m also able to talk easily with customers. I enjoy interacting with and relating to people. I like figuring out who on our engineering team to line up with each customer. And I have a passion for fact-finding and understanding a customer’s business case.

What would someone be surprised to know about you?

I’m the stereotypical engineer, so there’s not much if anything to surprise anyone. When I’m not at work, I enjoy hunting or fishing.

Who or what is your inspiration?

I’m inspired by intelligent people much older than me. As a youngster, I worked for a gentlemen who had emigrated from Europe. He was a highly educated man, and he employed me to work construction learning various trades.

You can register now for Moog’s webinar ‘Hydraulic or Electric? Engineering the Best Control Solution’ taking place on the 16th October at 10am New York/3pm London.


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