Kelby Ridenour, Global Marketing and Innovation Manager From H.B. Fuller

Kelby Ridenour

Kelby is experienced in identifying customer needs, translating them into clear project requirements and commercializing valuable solutions for the packaging market. Kelby has a BSME from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, an MBA from Kelley School of Business and over 10 years of product development experience in the plastics and adhesives industries.



  1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with Business Review Webinars?

While we conducted our field study, we saw plenty of underperforming packaging and highlighted several common packaging issues and failures. Our commitment to innovation brings together people, process and products that answer and solve customer challenges. We will present solutions that make packaging suitable to the consumers’ needs and today’s supply-chain complexities.

  1. How did you get into the industry?

My background is in the development of thermoplastic products. This is a good base to have for the adhesives industry.

  1. What do you most enjoy about your role?

As a marketing and innovation manager, I very much enjoy helping customers either add value to their products or solve performance problems.

  1. What has been your best holiday and where would you recommend visiting?

My best holiday was two weeks in Italy with my wife. I also recommend visiting Utah, in the United States, for all the beautiful national parks and scenery.

  1. What do you do in your leisure time to relax?

I like to be outdoors, and very much enjoying golfing, kayaking and hiking.

Kelby will be presenting H.B. Fuller’s webinar ‘The real life of corrugated packaging and how to shape its future’ with Frederic Di Monte, Innovation Marketing Manager. You can register for their webinar taking place on the 24th March at  11am New York/3pm London here.

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