Is sulphur recovery really the least liked job on any site?

Paqell 1Well, it certainly can be messy and rich in operational issues that need instant attention. What’s the biggest issue you face? At Paqell, we cannot remove the need for sulphur removal but we can change the way it’s done. Remember the 80’s? Back then, Paques technologists were searching for a better alternative method to remove sulphur from gas. The result was a logical combination of a well proven scrubber and a novel way to regenerate the scrubbing liquid so it could be used again. You could take a peak right now at to see what they came up with. Let me know what you think of the process.

The result is a technology that does not require a high temperature or pressure to operate and has no free H2S after absorber entry. The sulphur output is a slightly moist sulphur at ambient temperature; no need for melters or degassers. Our customers like it just the way it is but we’re committed to make it even better! What improvements would you like to see?


Why not join our webinar and learn about an interesting alternative you can put on the table next time Sulphur becomes an issue?

René Bakker
Paqell Business Manager

René is hosting the Paqell webinar on the 24th September 2013 at 3pm London/10am New York. Have the chance to listen to René, send in your questions and have them answered live. Read more.

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