Is a martensitic steel grade usable in a design temperature range up to 620 °C?

VallourecHigh process parameters have direct influence on the efficiency of a power plant.  On one hand this can be realized by new boiler technologies and the development of new materials.  On the other hand boiler designers face constrains when the temperature exceeds certain values of around more than 600°C. E.g. due to hot steam corrosion, in this temperature range only high alloyed steels could be used – up till now. With the new VM12 SHC (super high corrosion resistant) those colleagues have a new option to consider. To be honest, I am proud that our team of R&D specialist and technical customer service passed all faced obstacles and finalized the work with the successful approval of TÜV and ASME recently. It is the first time that an martensitic steel grade is able to resist corrosion in such harsh environments. In the webinar I will explain more in details the results we gained in our long lasting testing series.

What are the first replies of customers, who already have been using the new grade?
Of huge importance for the success of a grade are mainly the following aspects:

  • Handling of the grade.
    This means is the client able to use the grade with state of the art and existing technologies in terms of welding and forming technologies.
    Clear answer from the market: YES
  • Does the grade meet the expectations on long term ( mechanical properties)
    Long term testing is a fundamental criteria for material developments in order to be able to estimate life time of a component inside a boiler made of those steel grades. The more complex the materials get, in terms of alloying morphology, the more essential it is to have a clear understanding and view on: What happens with the grade after several thousand hours of processing?
    Also on this the feedback is absolutely positive.
  • Some of them uses the grade in combined cycle power plants. And this was done to our surprise, because at the beginning of our development we did not had this option in the specification sheet when we started with our development.But Siemens used it in their combined cycle plant in Irsching (Germany) and ordered tubes for the follow up project in our home town Düsseldorf. We are eager to find out where design engineers find applications where VM12 SHC can prove its strength. This would be one of the topics I would like to discuss with the audience in our webinar.

What else do you have in the pipeline? Which developments can we expect in future?
Vallourec is known as the key player in seamless tubes and pipes for power generation and you can be confident that VM12 SHC is not the end of the line and other developments will follow. Recently we invested Millions of Euro in our new Vallourec Research Centre Germany, dedicated to the R&D of boiler tubes and line pipes. Unfortunately the development of steel grades needs time – a lot of time to conduct all necessary discussion with the clients, make the specification, testing and pass the international standards. Be sure more will follow, but recently our target is to inform the experts about the new opportunity VM12 SHC, the power of choice in Power Generation.

If you want a preliminary information, the link to our VM12 SHC movie on our youtube channel is recommended or you can visit our website and order the VM12 SHC Technical-Data Sheet

Hear more from Mahmud Jarrar, Director Technical Customer Service, Steam Tubes & Pipes, from Vallourec at their webinar on the 13th May at 4pm London/11am New York. Mahmud will be discussing ‘The Power of Choice: Steel for Super High Corrosion Environments‘.


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