Interview with Luís Coelho – Spotlight Interview






What do you hope attendees will gain from this webinar?

We will cover several themes relating to medical devices refurbishment: from regulatory issues regarding process through to the minor vs major changes that could lead to engaging in a new certification process, or not, as well as specific activities like user experience design (UxD). These are hurdles that all manufacturers face, so we hope that we can help attendees succeed in overcoming them in the best way possible by sharing our own experiences.

What topics are you looking forward to discussing with attendees?

We’ve identified some issues with the topic of Medical Devices refurbishment, or Medical Devices updates, but the attendees are bound to bring the difficulties they’ve personally faced when refurbishing medical devices to the table! We love a good challenge, so we’re looking forward to being tested during the webinar!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people I meet on the job, the new technologies I work with, new experiences, and the fact that every day is different! Regardless of the project we’re working on, there’s always some new technology that’s involved, or some new obstacle to overcome.

How did you get into the medical devices industry?

I was in another company in a similar role, although more focused on the industrial market. So when an opportunity emerged to work in a new market at Critical Software, I dove in and haven’t looked back!

Lastly, where is your favourite place in the world – and why?

At the moment, anywhere but home! 😊 With the pandemic, we’ve spent lots of time at home, so I’m just happy to be anywhere but within the same four walls! I don’t have a favourite place so to speak. I always like to learn about new cultures, new places. I can go to the beach or to the mountains, or to a restaurant or a gym, and be happy to be there.

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