Sprinting Retail: How to Improve Customer Experience Using Self-Checkout Technology

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 by Peter Adolfsen, Sales Director at Sprinting Retail, a leading provider of digital solutions for modern retail chains.

Forced by digitally knowledgeable shoppers that crave experiences, retail chains started introducing solutions that make our lives easier (and shopping more entertaining) – self-service kiosks, self-scanning counters, digital loyalty programs, and more.

One of the solutions that have been rising in popularity especially amidst the pandemic is the mobile phone based self-checkout option.

In a nutshell, the self-checkout is a type of solution that allows your shoppers to come in, choose products, pay, and leave by their own smartphone – all without any interactions with staff.

Up until now, this technology was accessible to retail giants that have enough resources to test it out.

The circumstances and insights gathered from bigger retail chains pushed us to consider this kind of solution in all types of retail stores and start developing technology that does not require hardware-heavy investments.

The experience in the field and customer research shows that there are many merits to it. Some of them perhaps not being visible at first but actually quite influential to your overall profits.

Why should you consider mobile self-checkout

The first and foremost reason is: Because your customers would like you to do that.

A survey done by SOTI in 2019 discovered that 73% of participants were in favor of self-service checkout options and a mobile solution is a winner.

The benefits of self-checkout solutions are numerous:

  • Shorter waiting times and shorter queues because you need no clerk to check goods in a cart
  • Improved store capacity because you can serve more people at the same time and for the mobile option, no space needed for hardware
  • Leverages the opportunity to optimise the buying journey bringing data from the loyalty program in use in the actual in-store buying situation
  • Lower hardware costs as customers use their own devices
  • Reduced employee time behind the cash registry and more focus on customer service and store grooming
  • Fewer interactions with staff, which is vital in today’s situation (zero-interaction shopping is a trend nowadays)

With such benefits in mind, it might be time to consider implementing (or improving) a solution like this in your retail store.

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Mobile self-checkout might be veiled with certain doubts, such as theft prevention, amount of financial (and time) investment, or actual adoption rates among customers.

Our research, both conducted internally with our R&D team and on the field, discovered many insights that show you how to mitigate (or completely eliminate) the risks involved.

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We will talk more about cost efficiency, current trends, and why it actually pays off to give your customers the benefit of shopping conveniently using only their mobile phones, as well as how this option can increase the profits of your retail chain from the get-go.

All while minimizing the risks.

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