How much do you know about your shipment once it’s dispatched?

FedExWhat the launch* of SenseAwareSM means for business managers worldwide

By Chris Swearingen, FedEx Global Marketing Manager- SenseAware

SenseAwareSM is a first-of-its-kind service that provides near real-time access to a package’s vital statistics whilst in transit. A multi-sensor device, deeply integrated with a powerful web-based application, SenseAware enables customers in a broad range of industries to stay connected to their high-value, critical shipments with offering them unparalleled insight into their supply chain.

How does SenseAware actually work?

The award-winning service combines unique and cutting-edge sensor technology and an information platform designed to give near-real time tracking and increased visibility to customers. SenseAware can providecustomers with information including:

  • Current location of the shipments (when traveling on the ground)
  • Geo-Fences around buildings and routes
  • Accurate temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure readings
  • Alerts or notifications when a shipment’s contents have been exposed to light
  • Alerts for when thresholds have been reached for shock

 What could SenseAware do for your business?

With SenseAware,sensitive shipments, by which we mean fragile and requiring of tailor-made, highly specialised shipping can be monitored in greater detail.Whether you’re in the aerospace, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, energy, supply chain industries, or simply dealing with highly sensitive information; it could be comforting to know that you can now keep track of yoursensitive shipments more closely than ever before.

With enhanced visibility and insight into your supply chain andnear real-time information on your shipment’s environmental conditions as it travels, its location, and whether or not it has been opened – you’ll have the information you need to transform your supply chain.

 What does this mean for business in general?

As well as businesses having access to information of sensitive shipments, SenseAware provides the ability to share this information across global supply chain stakeholders. Simply put, SenseAware is changing the way we ship and itschanging customers’expectationstoo.The level of sensitivity continues to grow as a top priority shipping requirement for many industries. With the opportunity to access a greater level of information about critical shipmentsin near real-time, this means we can alsohelpcustomers prepare for the unexpected.

From high-value breakable items that could be damaged if not treated with extra care, to products which need to be delivered in a precise time period, mainstream solutions simply don’t offer some shippers the level of control or visibility required.SenseAware and the insight it offers is becoming an increasinglyessential tool.

With behind-the-scenes access into your shipment’s journey, you can check your shipment is satisfactorily temperature-controlled, or on course for its estimated delivery time. And all in the safe knowledge that each supply chain division is up to date and in the loop.

Ultimately, business professionals facing the day-to-day challenge of keeping up to speed with their valuable inventory whilst it is in transit can breathe a sigh of relief. Keeping track of your sensitive shipments just got a whole lot easier.

Join Chris Swearingen, FedEx Global Marketing Manager- SenseAwareon 22nd January at 3pm where FedEx will be addressing the shipping challenges facing business professionals within their respective industries and how FedEx shippingsolutions likeSenseAware can assist. Register here

*Where applicable.

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