Extending Service Life: How your Oil and Gas Equipment Can Benefit from Brush Plating

In the oil and gas industry, equipment operates in harsh environments. Components expected to withstand wear, corrosion, fluctuations in temperature and pressure, and operators need repair solutions that can be completed in as little time as possible – producing outstanding results which can keep the components protected from further damage.

SIFCO ASC has perfected a process which can repair large components such as BOP assembly components, tubing hanger bodies, inner mandrels, cylinders, casings, riser joints, and more. Some without the need for disassembly.

The SIFCO Process® of selective plating is unique. It’s a portable method of electroplating localized areas without the use of an immersion tank. The deposit is applied to worn or damaged areas to resize, repair or improve the performance of the component. The extremely adherent deposits are applied uniformly and accurately, in some cases eliminating the need for post machining. What’s more, SIFCO ASC’s experienced and qualified workforce hold certifications to work on oil platforms, allowing for quick deployment when needed.

The SIFCO Process® is highly regarded in the oil and gas industry and used on many OEM and repair applications. While all deposits are applied in strict adherence to any specification or quality requirement, the process already meets specifications from FMC, GE Oil & Gas, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Tenaris-Hydril, Vallourec and VAM.

SIFCO ASC is equipped to support the industry and reduce the threat of corrosion while meeting the key challenges of extending equipment life, reducing downtime and reducing operating costs.

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Extending the service life of oil and gas equipment is a constant job. If there was a way to prevent corrosion, restore dimensions, and even fill pits and defects, wouldn’t you be interested? Find out what that solution is, on our blog.

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