Evoqua Water Technologies’ magnetite ballasted CoMag System is now available for industrial water and wastewater treatment applications.

  • Proven magnetite ballasted CoMag® System  now available for industrial water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Enhances settling rates for increased performance of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Provides superior contaminant removal far below conventional treatment levels
  • Permits smaller clarifier and plant footprint to reduce capital and life-cycle costs; ideal for expansion of  existing  or new facilities

Evoqua Water Technologies’ magnetite ballasted CoMag System, a proven solution for municipalities to increase water and wastewater treatment plant clarification performance in confined footprints, is now available for industrial water and wastewater treatment applications.

Simple and reliable, the CoMag System uses magnetite to ballast conventional chemical floc for enhanced settling rates and increased performance of wastewater and water treatment operations while substantially reducing capital and life-cycle costs. The CoMag System provides superior contaminant removal by reducing total suspended solids (TSS), total phosphorus (TP), turbidity, color, pathogens and metals far below conventional treatment. The system enables designers and plant operators who have space constraints to economically expand treatment capacity and limit the footprint of planned facilities.

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Massachusetts recently awarded Tighe & Bond its prestigious Gold Award for its work at the Town of Sturbridge, MA wastewater treatment plant using an innovative combination of Evoqua BioMag® and CoMag Systems.

“Industrial water treatment operators are challenged by the costs of retrofits and upgrades for existing systems. The design and implementation costs of water and wastewater treatment systems have become a key differentiating advantage in the market. The CoMag is a system which is financially attractive to implement and minimizes large scale design changes,” said Ankur Jajoo, Frost & Sullivan energy and environment industry analyst.  “Magnetite ballasted technology is a proven municipal solution that enhances clarification performance without space or cost penalties. The design features enable the CoMag to be applied at any stage of treatment and is now a viable alternative for industrial operators to reduce operational expenditure yet enhance contaminant removal.”

“The CoMag System offers distinct advantages for industrial plant operators who need to increase water and wastewater treatment capacity and performance,” said Kevin Warheit, Evoqua Water Technologies global product manager.  “With a much smaller footprint, higher performance and lower capital costs, the CoMag System can be easily integrated into existing plant infrastructure and configured to meet a wide range of plant capacity requirements.”

The CoMag System for industrial applications includes TSS and heavy metals removal for recycle-reuse, reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment and other uses.  The system incorporates a modified compact high rate Lancy™ Solids Separator to minimize the amount of solids escaping the unit. In addition to achieving high rate clarification, the CoMag System employs a sludge recycle function to increase the system performance and the clarity of its effluent. Approximately 20 percent of the clarifier underflow is recirculated back to the ballast reaction tank to enhance the chemical process. Up to 99 percent of the magnetite is recovered and returned to the system.

For more information about the CoMag System and to learn more about advances  in clarification technology in water and wastewater treatment, register for a complimentary webinars at 11am EDT on June 23, 2015, register here.

For immediate CoMag industrial system inquiries, contact Kevin Warheit at ​​[email protected].


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