Dave Dejean – SVP Strategic Initiatives, Systech

A conversation with Dave Dejean, SVP Strategic Initiatives, Systech


David DeJean is responsible for Systech’s strategic initiatives, which support and educate customers with proven offerings and best practices for implementing Enterprise Serialization, Track & Trace and Authentication solutions. DeJean brings a wealth of market knowledge, hands-on experience in solution design and development, and project methodology. His role includes staying abreast of international regulations, business and industry drivers, defining high performance project outcomes, and delivering cost-effective solutions that are integrated and expandable to meet future needs as market dynamics fluctuate.

BRW: Key strategies brands should keep in mind for protecting their products from counterfeiting and diversion across the supply chain:

Always stay focused on protecting your genuine products as they travel across the supply chain. Counterfeiting is now the largest criminal enterprise in the world and no product is immune to the ravages it can cause. Product diversion is also a major problem for many manufacturers and can eat away at brand and revenue protection.

There are many different types of product authentication solutions in the market. Many are “additive” labelling solutions such as taggants, holograms, special inks, and more, in addition to a label’s barcode or data matrix. Some help, some are flawed. There’s more that can be leveraged with an existing product’s packaging. Innovative technology is already being used by major global brands across industry to better track products in the supply chain and secure product safety.

BRW: Why is supply chain innovation so important for brands to stay focused on? 

Because you cannot fight new battles with old weapons, brands must continue to innovate. Product safety is key. Protecting the supply chain from counterfeiters has been on the regulatory agenda for a long time because counterfeiters are getting smarter and can replicate almost anything.

For example, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed the implementation of compliance regulations to help combat the threat of falsified medicines and protect patient safety. But compliance does not equal brand protection or anti-counterfeiting. The problem is only getting worse on a global scale and is impacting many other industries including wine and spirits and cosmetics.

BRW: What do you foresee as being the biggest game changer in supply chain technology in the next few years?

New, all-digital approaches that connect physical product to digital records is a trusted solution that enables cross-supply chain mobility using technology such as Systech’s e-Fingerprint®. This also means that emerging technologies like blockchain can be employed, which combine digital identity with authenticated and trusted physical product identity offering complete visibility and more robust information and data capture, which can be used for competitive advantage.

BRW: Who is Systech?

Systech is revolutionizing brand protection. For over 30 years, global brands have relied on its advanced software to combat counterfeiting, prevent product diversion and meet regulatory compliance. Innovation is deeply ingrained in Systech’s DNA—from its start-up roots in advanced machine vision to pioneering pharmaceutical serialization and transforming traceability and non-additive authentication. Systech’s software solutions keep products authentic, safe and connected across the supply chain—from manufacturing to the consumer’s hands.

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