Collaboration between Catalent and Business Review Webinars on upcoming webinars and workshops

Business Review Webinars, a thought portal leader for business
professionals in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, supply chain, packaging and food & beverage, today announced their collaboration with Catalent Pharma Solutions, the global leader in drug development solutions and advanced delivery technologies for pharmaceutical, biologic and consumer health products and to promote a series of Catalent workshops and webinars in 2013.

These webinars and workshops, given by Catalent experts with extensive experience of clinical trials management and regulatory compliance, focus on the challenges and obstacles present in managing global clinical trials, especially within emerging and underserved markets. Business Review Webinars will leverage promotional aspects of both the workshops and webinars.

Business Review Webinars allows individuals throughout the world to learn and to communicate. Particularly in the past two years, webinars have rapidly gained prominence as an important
component of many marketing strategies. No longer considered an afterthought, a well-crafted and successful webinar can greatly enhance a company’s reputation, sales and benefit the audience as a
progressive learning tool. Business Review Webinars deliver high level thought leadership presentations on intriguing and current topics, which appeal to a live audience. Ultimately, the key to designing a good, relevant webinar is in understanding what an audience is looking for.

One of the reasons for this rapid growth and success is the lower costs of both creating and attending a webinar. Without requiring the expenditure of significant amounts of time, energy, and money travelling to in-person events, webinars allow attendees and presenters to easily attend events via the internet.

“We’re delighted that such a distinguished group of experts in the field chose Business Review Webinars to promote a series of webinars and workshops with us. We’re very much looking forward to working with Catalent.”- Jake Sharp, Head of Business Review, Progressive Digital Media PLC.

For more information and to register for the remaining workshops, please visit the following links:

Cambridge, 17th October, UK
Berlin, 3rd December, Germany
San Francisco, 10th December, USA

For more information on our webinars, please visit the following link:

About Catalent
Catalent Pharma Solutions is the global leader in development solutions and advanced drug delivery technologies, providing world-wide clinical and commercial supply capabilities for drugs, biologics and consumer health products. With over 75 years serving the industry, Catalent has proven expertise in bringing more customer products to market faster, enhancing product performance and ensuring reliable product supply. Catalent employs approximately 8,500 people, including over 1,000 scientists, at nearly 30 facilities across 5 continents and generates more than $1.7 billion in annual revenue. Catalent is headquartered in Somerset, N.J. For more information, visit

More products. Better treatments. Reliably supplied.™

About Business Review Webinars
Business Review Webinars (BRW) was established in March 2010 as part of Progressive Digital Media Group Plc. BRW is a thought leadership portal for business professionals in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage, energy, packaging, supply chain and defence industries. BRWs’ goal is to create high level discussion between industry thought leaders and business professionals who are actively facing the day-to-day challenges of their respective
industries. Webinars are free to register with and attend, and topics are based around an editorial plan established by our leading editors and analysts.

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