Astra Nova partnership with BGO Software

As most people involved in the Clinical Research or Pharmaceutical industry are well aware, both of those are ever-growing and changing, reaching revenues in the billions every year. The healthcare sector is developing more and more medicines and medical equipment, constantly evolving and improving. That is the main catalyst for the growing digitalization in recent years of both, Clinical Research and Pharma.

What is the reason behind the partnership between Astra Nova and BGO Software
Looking towards the future, the team at Astra Nova decided to partner up with a company specialized in developing technology for the healthcare, clinical research, and pharmaceutical sector. BGO software is a custom software development firm, which aims to improve the Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical industries by creating cutting-edge innovative solutions which demonstrate immediate results upon implementation.

Our shared vision of solving the main problems of the industry
Prime example of why we decided to work closely with BGO Software is Clinicubes CTMS (Clinical Trials Management System). BGO proved they have the vision and expertise in the Clinical Research industry by knowing what problems are faced when managing large trials. They provided a great solution to the challenges – a complete system that automatically keeps data in check, follows deadlines, and leaves less room for mistakes. We feel that both companies have a shared vision and aim to help improve the future of healthcare through innovative and customizable tech solutions, which is the main reason behind this newly formed cooperation.

You can check some of BGO’s healthcare related projects that have been completed throughout their years of experience in the Clinical Research and Pharma industry here:

HARP (Ethical review process system for Health and Social Care Research)
IRAS (Integrated Research Application System)
Clinicubes CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System)

How is this partnership going to help people?
BGO Software and Astra Nova intend to use the gained experience in training and clinical research to create products and solutions, which will improve the qualifications of both young and experienced professionals in the industry, thus making it easier to professionally thrive in this field. We aim to reduce costly mistakes and therefore raise the quality of drugs and medicinal equipment that will be reaching the markets. And given that these are some of the biggest markets worldwide we expect to have a tremendous overall impact. After all, this is why everything that we develop plus everything that BGO develops aims to improve the quality of life of people all over the world.

Contrary to what many might think – not everyone in this industry is in it for the money.
We are planning a long-term partnership with BGO, because we feel we have the same ambitions and the same goals. We trust not only that we can achieve more for the people working in the industry, but that we can help everyone else as well!

Let us know what you think will be the future of the Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical industries and how do you believe we can help more people!

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