Supply Chain Quiz Question

Which of the following is NOT a factor impacting the supply chain?


  1. Reduced number of suppliers
  2. Increased competition
  3. Longer product life cycles
  4. Increased opportunities to strategically use technology


Energy Quiz Question

How many people around the world rely on biomass energy like wood or dung for cooking?

  1. 3 million
  2. 150 million
  3. 1 billion
  4. 2.6 billion


Life Science Quiz Question

“Pharmaceutical” derives from the Greek…. 

  1. Pharmakeuus
  2. Pharmakeutikos
  3. Pharmakeula


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The answers to last months quiz questions are:

Supply: What has become a particular focus of logistics management in the past few years?

Answer: Supply chain sustainability. Supply chain sustainability will increase in importance in manufacturing because of worrisome global climate change as well as the shifting price of oil and other types of fuel.

Energy: With the global economy expected to grow 130 percent from 2010 to 2040, and population expected to increase to 9 billion, how much more energy will be required?


35%. Energy and prosperity are closely linked. Despite nearly 2 billion more people and substantial economic growth, global energy demand is expected to rise just 35 percent from 2010 to 2040.

Life Sciences: Which of the following do experts believe will most reduce your chances of contracting the flu or colds?

Answer: Experts say handwashing is your best defence against the cold and flu — the key, however, is washing properly. That means using soap and rubbing your hands together vigorously under water for at least 20 seconds.


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