ZTE Corporation – A Reliable Fixed Broadband is Key for Uncertain Times


As the result of explosive growth of network traffic recently, many operators’ networks are facing tremendous challenges. The network needs to cope with the increasing bandwidth and higher service demands. The fixed broadband is the corner-stone, and has become an important part of dealing with uncertain challenges.

We need to have an end-to-end solution:

1. Higher Bandwidth connection: The broadband network is the basic infrastructure to deal with the uncertain effects of society. Sufficient bandwidth makes the network strong enough, reliable to ensure the continuous stability of the business

2. Fast and agile: Make network construction fast through small OLT and prefabricated ODN materials. Intelligent operation and maintenance solutions make operation and maintenance services more agile.

3. Better experience of service: By improving video services and home network coverage, cloud-based ACDN meets the rapidly growing demand for video services

See ZTE’s News to Share & White Paper of Built-in Blade in OLT

Join Dustin Kehoe, Emir Halilovic & Shi Wenjun  on a webinar entitled How Can Fixed Broadband Help the Industry in an Uncertain World? by ZTE Corporation on 25th August at 9AM London/10AM CET.

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