Spotlight Interview with Julie Martin, M.Sc., MBA, Lean certified Director, Clinical Operations & Co-owner, Scimega Research

 Julie Martin, M.Sc., MBA, Lean certified Director, Clinical Operations & Co-owner, Scimega Research has developed an expertise in managing a wide array of oncology clinical trials set in early and late clinical development stages including collaborative efforts with larger CROs. At Scimega she is responsible for the strategic planning, conduct and oversight of oncology clinical trials across Canada, and for the development of project proposals. In addition, Mrs Martin serves as Director, Business Development, and is co-owner and an executive member of Scimega’s managing Board of Directors.

1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?


As Direc, Clinical Operations and a co-owner of our company I want to spread the word about the excellent work we do, and in sharing what and how we do what we do perhaps assist others in their pursuit of excellence in clinical operations.

We are a Canadian CRO with a singular focus on oncology. We are dedicated to improving the speed and efficiency of oncology clinical research here in Canada through a deep understanding of how best to match the needs of our sponsors with local investigators who are part of our network of sites.

Scimega was founded to meet a gap in the industry for superior clinical trial services in the complex field of oncology research in our geographical area. In 1997, we were trail blazers, and most sponsors didn’t understand the importance of our unique business model. Since then many have come to value our expertise, and optimal operations design that enables us to consistently go above-and-beyond for every one of our sponsors’ studies.

In 2008, we introduced the Reverse Feasibility Program – a collaborative approach that connects biotech sponsors with Canadian investigators to meet the needs of cancer patients, and the scientific interests of investigators while allowing sponsors to meet their timelines and make quicker go/no-go drug development decisions. Twelve years later in 2020 we collaborate with over 50 Canadian research sites and have extensive experience in facilitating successful vendor teaming in the context of global oncology trials.

Scimega is a strong player with very high pre-COVID performance, and we have every intention to continue exceeding expectations. The current outbreak is not the first hurdle we’ve had to overcome throughout our 23 years of existence.

We will survive the COVID-19 global pandemic, and I am keen to share how we’ve been doing this so far.

2. What will the audience gain from attending your webinar?


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the clinical trial industry to adapt, adapt, adapt! This webinar is based on our company’s experience in Canada, and I’ll be sharing how to overcome COVID challenges and maximize the opportunities for your cutting-edge oncology clinical trial.

In these trying times your partners must evidence their reliability and add-value to your project. They must be transparent and constant in sharing what they are doing to help you stay on top of the ‘new normal.’

We may be a few months into this pandemic, but we are not out yet so we must expect the need to jump through more hoops in our recent future. So be ready!

The Critical Oncology Clinical Trial KPIs Under the ‘New Normal’ webinar offers participants the opportunity to:

  •   Identify COVID challenges & opportunities for CRO performance
  •   Learn how to score high on critical KPIs under the ‘new normal’
  •   Acquire case example experiences of how to overcome COVID challenges & maximize the opportunities
  •   Discover what you can achieve today by expanding your trial to Canada

The main reason our sponsors expand their trials to Canada with Scimega is most often to avoid delays in study progress that can dramatically increase the risk of study failure. Other reasons cited are to: tackle a difficult/rare patient population; reduce the impact of competing trials in other regions; access untapped pools of patients; and facilitate registration in multiple regions.

In the ‘new normal’ we face today, another reason to expand your trial to Canada is to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your study.

3. How did you get into the industry and what do you most enjoy about your role?


It’s important to me to feel I’m ‘making a difference’ through my professional contribution.  As a niche Oncology CRO our company bridges important relationships between members of the professional oncology community, their patients, and sponsors of cutting-edge clinical trials.

It’s encouraging to see biotechs collaborating with Canadian investigative sites that are focused on expediting the start-up process and recruiting patients for innovative trials in Canada. And I’m proud to be part of that!


4. What are you hoping to achieve in the future in your personal and professional life?


I’m focussed on the long-term success of our company. With the support of our expert team members, who are passionate advocates for oncology clinical research, this is of course possible. I feel privileged to work with my two partners, the co-founders of Scimega, and am delighted to have the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue my professional passion as a co-owner of our company. The fact that Scimega’s service offering adds real value to all stakeholders involved at a time when our expertise is most needed provides me with a true sense of purpose.

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