Your Mobile Site is Losing You Revenue and Frustrating Users

Sponsored by: Akamai

Focused on:

  • Digital Experience
  • Website Performance

Date: 5 June


Time: 2:00PM (EDT)

Your web and mobile app experience is driving users to your competition

You are in fierce competition to maintain loyalty and keep users engaged. Attracting and retaining customers requires compelling content, and instant performance. A slow website can mean much more than a lost sale, it could be costing you millions in lost revenue. So how do you beat out your competition?

Join this webinar to learn how the Akamai Intelligent Platform helps organizations realize the business value of web performance. Plus, find out how you can get started with a powerful free tool provided by Akamai.

Presented by

Anthony Larkin,

Digital Performance Expert

Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify where to focus enhancements to make the biggest impact on revenue
  • Automatically improve web and mobile app, and API performance
  • Ensure you are prepared to exceed expectations and maximize revenue opportunities


  • Web and Mobile app owners who care about customer experience and online revenue