Why do you continue to accept the downside of torque tightening?

Sponsored by: Pilgrim international Ltd

Focused on:

  • Mechanical
  • Technology

Date: 2 June


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Hydraulic tensioning is your solution for reliable, uniform, high-integrity and fast tightening

Bolted assemblies are without a doubt the most widely used mechanical connecting systems. We know that amongst the different causes of failure, the most frequent one is poor assembly. Tightening problems, whether insufficient tightening, excessive tightening or heterogenous tightening, alone account for over 30% of all bolted assembly failures. More specifically, 45% of all fatigue failures are estimated to be due to improper assembly. It is therefore essential to have perfect control over the levels of tightening force and the precision with which it is achieved.

The solution for accomplishing this is tightening by hydraulic tensioning and this is our intend through this webinar to provide you with indispensable information on optimizing the bolted assemblies that you are designing and on choosing the best tightening method for your application.

We will review together all the tightening methods and proves that the best tightening control is provided by the hydraulic tensioner. We will focus on the key aspects of the hydraulic tension tightening: quality, accuracy, homogeneity, and ease of use. Finally, it will describe HYDROCAM products and services that Pilgrim International can offers along with reel case studies.

Your bolted assembly requires reliability, uniformity and integrity? We believe the hydraulic tension tightening is your optimum solution. Let us the opportunity to introduce it to you.

Presented by

Ivan Kluka,

Regional Account Manager

Ivan Kluka has been a Regional Account Manager with Pilgrim since 2017 responsible for areas within the Far East, Asia, and European markets, having over 30 years’ experience within the Power Gen, Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors.

A qualified Mechanical Engineer at heart, he has held Sales and Engineering positions within Federal-Mogul, Dover Corporation and GEC Turbine Generators, at the core of which has been solving problems, and making everyone’s lives easier.

Martin Kerrigan,

Sales Manager

Martin started his career at Pilgrim as an apprentice back in 1987, having worked through most departments he has experience of all hydraulically controlled fastening techniques and products designed and manufactured by Pilgrim.

As sales manager for the Americas and south Africa his skill set has been utilised many times in assisting customers directly either through technical explanations or hands on on-site training and supervision.
He is very customer focused and doesn’t stop until the customer has all they need to finish the job to a high standard.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Bolted assemblies design and tightening method
  • Why opt for hydraulic tightening?
  • Technical advantages and benefits of hydraulic tension tightening


  • R&D Engineer
  • Joint Integrity Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Power Engineer
  • Turbine Engineer
  • Rotating Engineer
  • Bolting Technician
  • Flange Management Engineer / Technician
  • Mechanical Supervisor / Field Advisor
  • Subsea Structural Engineer
  • Integrated flange/Pipeline management services
  • Bolting / Pipeline Integrity Engineer
  • Outage Manager