Why Service Providers Need Augmented Reality To Stay Relevant

Sponsored by: XMReality

Focused on:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Digitalization

Date: 2 November


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

A business perspective on digitalization in field service and aftermarket service

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the hottest technologies hitting service providers today. Reactions from executives observing Augmented Reality/VR in action ranges from ’this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen’ to ’this is a very practical technology for solving real world problems’.

In this webinar, you will get insight into why this is a great time for you to invest in Augmented Reality/VR, and what will happen if you not deploy new technologies in time.

You will hear from service management consultant Michael R. Blumberg on why Augmented Reality/VR is well suited to match two major objectives; to make business operations more responsive, and to lead innovations that transforms how customers, partners, employees, and things communicate with each other. Meeting these objectives ensures a more enabled workforce, enhanced customer experiences, and improved overall collaboration and performance.

Michael will also give his view on the future of Augmented Reality in the service provider industry, talk about challenges and opportunities companies are facing when embarking on this journey, and conclude with some concrete tips on what to think about when selecting an AR vendor.

You will also hear from XMReality’s CEO Johan Castevall, why he thinks that human-to-human interaction will continue to be important in these times of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Join us for an insightful time with Michael R. Blumberg considered by Field Service News to be one of the 10th most influential people in field service 2017.

Presented by

Michael Blumberg,

President & CEO, Blumberg Advisory Group

Michael R. Blumberg is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and president of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc.

His firm provides clients with strategic and tactical assistance for improving their overall profitability and the quality of technical support

Michael is a result oriented, business leader with unequaled background in the High-Technology arena. He is highly skilled at developing innovative business
strategies that effectively respond to industry trends and leverage advanced technology to
improve the financial and operational performance of his clients.

Mr. Blumberg is a prolific author and frequent speaker at industry events and conferences.

Johan Castevall,

CEO, XMReality

Johan Castevall is the CEO of XMReality since January 2015. He has raised more than 10 mEUR to XMReality, growing the company from 5 to 30 employees.

He successfully leads the company on the journey of revolutionizing knowledge sharing by using AR. He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Johan is formerly Executive vice president for supplier invoice processing company Medius AB, growing the team from 4 to 230 employees

Key Learning Objectives

  • Going beyond the hype; what is the true impact of Augmented Reality/VR for service providers
  • Why Augmented Reality/VR is going to be ubiquitous in five years
  • Identifying and overcoming major challenges when investing in Augmented Reality/VR


  • CIO
  • Business Developer
  • Business Operations
  • Service Manager
  • Service Expert
  • Competence Developer