What Zero Inventory Means for Your Business: The Economics of HP Piazza for Publishing

Sponsored by: HP Inc

Focused on:

  • Publishing
  • Digital Print

Date: 17 October


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Understanding the infrastructure cost-benefit and how HP Piazza can work for you

The future of publishing. Now.


'Waste is that stock of materials and goods in excess of requirements that turns up in high prices and low wages.' Said Henry Ford many years ago.

Although the book publishing supply chain has changed somewhat with technology, inventory forecasting is still one of the most complicated aspects of the business.
To keep up with market changes and ensure profitability and growth, zero inventory is becoming a must. And that means Publishers must perfect their operations and work more effectively.

Leading the digital print transformation, HP introduces the next transformation in publishing – HP Piazza.

HP Piazza is a set of solutions for publishers that aligns your supply chain with today’s challenges by making it easy to print only what you need, when you need it. This revolutionary, cloud-based advance - means significantly lower costs, zero inventory at zero risk, and always being in print.

In this webinar, HP will share how print-to-order gets a lot simpler and cost-effective with Piazza.
Join the webinar to learn about the HP Piazza business model, understand how costs are calculated, and see firsthand the tools that will enable you to do your own calculations. Come hear how Piazza can work for you.

Presented by

Michelle Weir,

Publishing Innovation Manager, HP Graphics Solution Business

Michelle Weir is the World-Wide Publishing Innovation Manager, supporting the Graphic Solutions Business of HP Inc. She is responsible for working with Publishers, and Print Service Providers on defining new areas of opportunities that enable the transformation to digital platforms for both content and print. Michelle has over twenty-five years’ experience working across all aspects of the Publishing market. She is primarily focused on the transformation of traditional publishing business model

Tim Cooper,

Founder and Principal, The Consulting Garage

Tim Cooper is founder and principal of the Consulting Garage, is an experienced consultant and former senior executive with a wide range of expertise and an impressive management track record. Highly skilled in collaborative management with a focus on strategic planning, Tim is a leader with a successful history of improving day-to-day operations as well as directing enterprise-level initiatives.

Jan Van Daele,

WW Brand Innovation Manager, HP Graphics Solutions Business

With HP’s Graphic Solutions Business division since 2006, Jan Van Daele had assignments in the Scitex, Indigo and PWP Inkjet Web Press organizations as Strategic Marketing Director, Business Development Manager and Strategic Account Manager. He then joined the Worldwide Strategy & Market Development team as Brand Innovation Manager, helping brand-owners and retailers with the economics of a move into digital printing. Before HP, he held management functions in R&D and Marketing at Agfa, Xeikon and Nipson.

In his 35+ years career in print technology, he has been at the forefront of the digitalization of the graphics industry. Combining technological expertise with market understanding, he was involved in many breakthrough initiatives in digital imaging and printing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how HP Piazza enables zero inventory at zero risk
  • Learn about the Tri-brid approach to inventory management
  • Learn how to plan and measure your infrastructure costs with the HP Piazza ROI tool
  • Understand the Piazza business model so you can easily apply it for your business and do your own cost-benefit analysis


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