Unlocking the Revolutionary Benefits of Digital Change

Sponsored by: IFS

Focused on:

  • Digital Change
  • Digital Transformation

Date: 21 September


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

A global perspective on digital transformation in business

Digital change is occurring everywhere. Across every industry around the globe, organizations are feeling the pressure to embrace digital transformation in order to capitalize on the truly revolutionary benefits that it can bring. However, for businesses to benefit directly from digitalization, they must first overcome the number one barrier to change - aversion to change itself - which 42% of a recent survey’s respondents have reported as their top concern.

People are the key to successful digital change. If companies can overcome this aversion to change, they will have the opportunity to capitalize on key digital investments, which promise improved process efficiencies, accelerated innovation, expansion into new markets, competitive differentiation and productivity gains. Many of those that have already overcome this barrier have already made great progress on the journey to digital transformation, with the aid of strong financial support from within.

In this webinar, you will hear from two industry experts who will help you to understand your path to successful digital change. Antony Bourne, Vice President of Global Industry Solutions at IFS, and Benedict Buckland, Head of Client Services at Raconteur Custom Publishing, will share new research and invaluable advice on how your organization can overcome barriers, begin the journey to digital transformation and benefit from digital change.

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Presented by

Antony Bourne,

Vice President of Global Industry Solutions

As Vice President of Global Industry Solutions, Antony leads a team of global industry experts who cover IFS’s focused industries and supports sales, marketing and partner enablement. Antony has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including working in the manufacturing sector.

Prior to joining IFS in 1997, he held Business Analyst positions with Ford Motor Company and AlliedSignal. During this time, he implemented ERP applications as well as business process improvements.

Benedict Buckland,

Head of Client Services

As Head of Client Services at Raconteur, Benedict heads up content creation across Custom Publishing’s portfolio, overseeing research, editorial and design. The division produces premium content solutions for a diversity of blue-chip clients from the full breadth of the B2B spectrum.

Prior to joining Raconteur in 2014, Benedict held analyst, commercial and marketing roles at BP.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to plot your organization on the transformation spectrum
  • What are the key benefit opportunities
  • What factors speed up the realization of benefits
  • How to prepare your team for tomorrow
  • Who can help you and how


  • Business Expert
  • IT Expert
  • Project Leader