Top trends in sustainable tourism

Sponsored by: GlobalData

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    Date: 27 November


    Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

    An analysis of key trends and business opportunities for the travel industry

    According to GlobalData’s Q4-2016 consumer survey, 37% globally are likely to book eco-tourism holidays. The countries that present the biggest interest in eco-tourism are Malaysia (76%), followed by China (67%) and Turkey (65%).

    An increased awareness of social, economic and environmental sustainability has spread rapidly through the digital world and social media. This has given rise to a new type of tourist, characterized by environmental and cultural sensitivity. Such travellers are more likely to see eco-tourism holidays as a serious option when choosing their next destination and more likely to support businesses and brands that are committed to social values and respect the environment.

    This webinar provides an insight into the key trends in sustainable tourism, underlying how they create a host of lucrative opportunities for the industry. Besides climate change and the rise of eco-conscious consumers, the webinar sheds light into trends such as over-tourism, the desire for transformative travel experiences and the growing sharing economy.These trends are thought to be driving the shift towards sustainable tourism and the appeal of eco-holidays among previously untapped cohorts.

    Based on insights from GlobalData’s Consumer Survey Q4- 2016 the webinar also identifies the key cohorts, as well as markets that show the highest interest in sustainable tourism.

    Lastly, best sustainability practices across the industry are discussed, ultimately showing how businesses can effectively capitalize on this phenomenon.practices across the industry ultimately showing how businesses can effectively capitalize on this trend.

    Presented by

    Konstantina Boutsioukou,

    Associate Analyst, Travel & Tourism

    Konstantina Boutsioukou is an Associate Analyst for Travel and Tourism. Konstantina joined GlobalData after completing a double MA in Economics and International Relations from the University College London and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

    Konstantina previously worked in the Cities division of GlobalData before moving into the Travel and Tourism team. In the Cities team, she analyzed macroeconomic and demographic data for metropolitan areas. Currently, she is focusing on the travel industry, producing insight and analysis on key tourism trends and issues related to different players in the industry ranging from airlines and accommodation to tour operators and the traveller himself.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Identify trends related to sustainable tourism
    • Spot business opportunities in sustainable tourism
    • Identify the cohorts and markets interested in sustainable tourism


    • Managers/Senior Managers/Associate Directors/Directors of Market Research
    • Business Insights
    • Market Intelligence
    • Strategic Insights
    • Forecasting
    • Pipeline Management
    • Competitive Strategy
    • Customer Insights
    • Heads of Research and Development
    • Heads of Product Planning and Marketing
    • Brand Managers