The future of digital flexo plate-making starts today

Sponsored by: Xeikon Prepress NV

Focused on:

  • Digital Flexo Plate Making

Date: 15 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

ThermoFlexX Imagers and Catena systems present The Image of Automation

Flexographic printing has become the go-to technology for high volume, high-quality printing, particularly in flexible packaging and paper & board segments. Flexo plate making has remained a multi-step process with each individual stage providing the unwelcome opportunity of introducing variations in the finished plate. Compared to offset plates, flexo plates are expensive. They are relatively delicate to handle until they are finished. Plate waste through handling damage is common and costly. Furthermore, flexo plates have become a Just-In-Time commodity with as many jobs as possible being combined to save further plate waste. It’s now common for turn-around times of less than 24 hours.

An overview of the ThermoFlexX imager range, latest developments and capabilities is presented. This is followed by information on the brand-new ThermoFlexX Catena, a modular equipment range. The Catena line-up consists of Catena-E UV LED exposure, Catena-W plate-processor, Catena-DL dryer, light-finisher and Catena-WDLS processor, dryer, stacker and light-finisher. The audience will learn how a fresh approach may address existing production problems, reducing waste though plate handling and operating more efficiently.

The description continues as the units can be combined into Catena+, a ground-breaking, fully automatic in-line plate making system. After removing the plate’s protective cover-sheet there is no further need for operator intervention. The plate is automatically transported through imaging, exposures, processing, drying and post-exposures. Catena-Cockpit provides continuous plate status reporting for production supervision or MIS information. Information on plate-waste for future optimization is also provided. Catena-ProServeX is a state-of-the-art remote support and monitoring facility maximizing equipment up-time and minimizing the need for service interventions.

Anyone who needs to apply latest technology for efficiency or increased quality to flexographic plate making will be interested. Flexo plate makers (trade-shops/printers) or users (printers) will find valuable information. Brand-owners or brand-managers may also be interested in how automation can speed up the plate-making process bringing greater efficiency with higher-quality and less waste. Greater consistency between global plate-making sites can also be expected. This is a must-see for decision makers who are considering investment in flexo plate-making.

Presented by

Doug Mawdsley,

Doug Mawdsley began his career as an engineer in Defence Electronics. He joined the print industry as a service engineer for ZED Instruments (UK) manufacturer of high power laser systems for direct flexo engraving and anilox. Doug has enjoyed varied roles in service, applications and sales in the flexo industry. He joined Xeikon in 2012 and has enjoyed being part of applying ThermoFlexX systems in flexo, dry-offset, letterpress, pad and security print.

Key Learning Objectives

  • A complete overview of our existing product portfolio
  • An in-depth view on the latest developments on Catena
  • A fresh approach on how existing production problems may be addressed


  • Flexo-Plate makers
  • Trade Shops
  • Printers
  • Brand-Owners
  • Brand-Managers