Technology in 2018: Say Hello To The Universal Machine!

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Date: 19 December


Time: 2PM London/9AM Boston

Predictions for Enterprise Technology and Services in 2018 Beyond What Everybody Already Knows

The end of the year is a natural occasion to pause and spend time thinking about what lies ahead in the coming year. Across the global enterprise technology and services ecosystem, predicting next year’s trends is more than a trivial exercise. It’s a crucial part of planning: planning for new launches that exploit market trends; planning for strategic shifts that accommodate those trends; planning for competitive responses in light of them.

In reality, however, most of the “big picture” trends of 2018 are already well known. After all, these trends will build on the services, technologies and innovations rolled out across the previous year. More important, then, are the less obvious predictions – the implications and consequences of the trends we already know.

Across the global enterprise technology and services market, Global Data has identified a number of major strategic themes which will shape 2018.

● Artificial and Augmented Intelligence
● 5G Commercialization
● IoT Monetization
● Pervasive Security Integration
● Programmable Networking
● Convergent Experiences

Whether you’re building the solutions of tomorrow, or the networks and data centers that support those services, all of these themes (and more) will impact your business in some way in 2018. We will help you understand how these trends will impact your business, and provide prediction and expectations that go beyond the obvious.

Join Global Data’s Technology and Enterprise Services leadership team as we share our insights into what 2018 promises - setting the strategic agenda for IT technology/service suppliers and enterprise buyers for the year to come.

Presented by

Jerry Caron,

Senior Vice President – Analysis

Jerry is responsible for overall management and content direction for the company's CurrentCompete services and is part of the corporation's management team. Jeremiah is responsible, along with the Principal and Senior Analysts within each module, for monitoring and evaluating activities in the telecommunications services, telecommunications infrastructure business infrastructure software and IT infrastructure markets, including the strategies and product development work of service providers, technology suppliers and solution providers.

Brad Shimmin,

Service Director, Global IT Technology and Software

Brad is responsible for monitoring and evaluating activities within three key industry areas, including enterprise data and analytics, collaboration and communication and application platforms. Specifically, Brad provides detailed analysis of enterprise social networking technologies and data visualization and discovery solutions.

Mike Fratto,

Research Director, Global IT Technology and Software

Mike is a Principal Analyst on the Business Technology and Software team covering the Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology markets. He has extensive experience reviewing and writing about enterprise remote access, security and network infrastructure products.

Kathryn Weldon,

Research Director, Global IT Enterprise Services

Kathryn is responsible for driving and managing the strategy, content and direction of the U.S. business services analyst team. Weldon also remains the Mobile IT/Enterprise Mobility Services Practice lead, analyzing events, companies, products and technologies within the US and global mobile enterprise services and solutions space.

Josh Hewer

Analyst, Public Sector

Josh is a Senior Analyst responsible for GlobalData's research into Internet of Things. This includes research, data, content and advisory services such as the IoT Innovation Tracker, Project Insights and forecasts.

Joel Stradling

Research Director, Global IT Enterprise Services

Joel and team his cover global and European providers of enterprise voice and data network services, as well as the international wholesale carrier-to-carrier services market. Additionally, Joel covers managed WAN solutions, including Ethernet and IP VPN and on new service developments in the wholesale space. Joel is a well known and highly regarded speaker at major conferences and is read and regularly quoted by telecom industry media.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What shared enterprise technology and service market dynamics will drive customer demands in 2017?
  • IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence were well-hyped in 2017. Will their joint potential be realized in 2018?
  • Who owns the data centre when hyper integration and hybrid- and multi-cloud solutions become the norm?
  • How will the top trends of 2018 impact enterprise technology and service providers in 2019…and beyond?


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