Taking digital transformation to the edge

Sponsored by: Vocus

Focused on:

  • Technoogy
  • Data

Date: 21 June

Days to go: 8

Time: 1PM Western Australia

Realising the value with an integrated approach

Businesses want processing to be done close to where data is generated, as this delivers better performance and efficiency of the edge device, ultimately allowing companies to reduce operational expenses and easily respond to data insights.

With organisations needing to be more productive and reduce the environmental impact of their operations, a key success factor will be the ability to harness the massive volumes of data that Industrial IoT will generate, aggregate at the edge, and then, in almost real-time, share that insight with decisionmakers who can be thousands of kilometres away.

As edge computing becomes a key part of digital strategies, companies face two critical challenges that often aren’t considered until it’s too late:

(1) Does their network design have the capability to reach and reliably connect edge devices and deliver the data for optimized application performance?
(2) How to enable a multi cloud journey so applications can be placed in the appropriate location.

Key points of the webinar presentation:
• With over 95% of global resource companies advancing or commencing IoT programs, the gap between data source and decision-makers will grow considerably without proper and sound realignment of their networks from edge to core.

• Gain insights into the edge computing architecture and the essential layers of devices, gateways, edge compute and cloud. Learn how network integration planned at the start of the project can reduce security risks and reliability issues.

Key learning skills to deal with facing the issues:
Learn how to strike the right balance between maximizing the efficiencies and improved decision-making that connected technologies enable, with the right levels of physical, cyber and network security to ensure business continuity and future growth.
Join us on Monday 21st June 2021 for some valuable learnings on extending your applications to the edge with a high performing network.

Presented by

Steve Haigh,

GM - Network Engineering Infrastructure & Operations (Vocus)

Steve has over 20 years’ experience in the information and communications technology industry, working across carriers, system integrators and software vendors. He has been with Vocus for over 5 years and heavily involved with the fibre network footprint and growth.

Simon Head,

National Industry Lead - Resources and Utilities (Vocus)

Simon is a highly motivated individual with a demonstrated history of success and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. He is an experienced Account Director who has worked with the Resources Sector for a number of years. Simon is driven by a desire to succeed and to ensure others around him are equally as successful.

Alan Seery,

Chief Operations Officer (Aqura Technologies)

Alan is an accomplished technologist with wide recognition for his work in the field of high-performance technologies.

He has been a senior leader in global technology vendors, multinational businesses and now is a key part of the Aqura Technologies leadership team as they rapidly grow to meet the needs of customers across a number of industries who are looking to unlock value from digital transformation of their operations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about building a network foundation with flexibility and scalability for future growth
  • How to tackle the journey from on-premise data management to cloud
  • Understand how a ubiquitous, high-performance edge connectivity network bridges the gap between data source and decision
  • Insights into building the right business cases to break apart siloed organisational thinking


  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer