Systems & Components for Healthcare Industry contributing in the fight against Covid 19

Sponsored by: Camozzi Automation SPA

Focused on:

  • Fluid Control Components

Date: 4 November


Time: 2PM London / 3pm CET

A successful case during COVID19 emergency: The MWM ventilator

To meet the needs of today’s demanding ventilator and anesthesia ventilator market, device manufacturers must reduce the time to market without overlooking design specifications, performance expectations and regulatory requirements. Component manufacturers must partner with OEMs, helping to achieve their goals in terms of smaller footprint, easy assembly, reliability and low power consumption.

The webinar will cover Camozzi Automation components and customised solutions for the control of fluids - both liquids and gases - with high performances in terms of efficiency and reliability. These fluid control components include miniaturised solenoid valves, proportional flow and pressure valves, manual regulators and special sub systems.

The second part will cover the success case of the MVM ventilator, a novel mechanical ventilator designed for rapid mass production in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to address the urgent shortage of intensive therapy ventilators in many countries, and the growing difficulty in procuring these devices through normal supply chains across.

Camozzi is ready to be your partner in meeting your challenges, come to see how we could improve your competitiveness.

Presented by

Doug Lenihan,

Business Development Manager Camozzi Automation Life Science NA

Doug Lenihan is the Business Development Manager for Life Sciences at Camozzi Automation. Based near Boston, Doug is responsible for Camozzi’s products and capabilities directly to Life Science sector in the US. He is has over 15 years in the Life Science industry and has extensive experience in Fluidic Control components and custom integration.

Cristian Galbiati,

Professor at Princeton University and at the Gran Sasso Science Institute, associated to the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Graduated at the University of Milan, Cristiano Galbiati is at Princeton University since 1999, where he is Full Professor of Physics. He joined Gran Sasso Science Institute in 2018 as Full Professor of Particle Astrophysics. His research focuses on the detection of dark matter and application of its technology to isotopic separation and health sciences. He is associated to the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics

Key Learning Objectives

  • Fluid control technologies in life science industry
  • Fluid control needs in the ventilator market


  • Service/Maintenance Manager
  • Innovation Managers
  • Purchasing Life Science/Healthcare