Suitable remote handling solutions for hot cells

Sponsored by: Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH

Focused on:

  • Manipulator
  • Hot Cells
  • Robotic
  • Remote Handling Technology
  • Solution Orientated Experience

Date: 23 June

Days to go: 10

Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Manufacturer’s experience on the best combination between requirements and solutions

Remote handling equipment have an important function in the nuclear technology, especially in Fusion: they support hot cells operators in manipulating radioactive materials and are key players in the safe and reliable operation of several processes inside the hot cell. New challenges in the nuclear industry influence the complexity of tasks performed, e.g. regulations and technical developments. In the same manner, remote handling technology has been improved in the last decades. From the point of view of a manufacturer, this webinar will concentrate on giving feedback about experience and technical developments Wälischmiller Engineering made in the last decade in order to select the most suitable manipulator to the hot cell and to the operations that have to be performed.

After a short presentation of the company, the webinar will concentrate on different type of products and how they suit at the best to the requirements and the operations to be performed by giving examples of different solutions achieved (from basic solutions to high-end robots).

Webinar outline:

1. Key facts about Wälischmiller Engineering, the products and challenges
2. Requirements from the customer to the equipment
3. Response to the requirement and presentation of the equipment
4. Presentation of the results with pictures/ videos

Keywords: manipulator, hot cells, robotic, remote handling technology, solution oriented experience, feedback

Presented by

Hubert Hafen,

Business Sales Manager

Hubert Hafen is the Chief Technology Officer for Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH. With more than 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry, Hubert served as chief engineer and project manager in several international remote-handling projects. In this role, he was responsible for the development and supply of customized solutions. Beginning his professional career as a mechanical design engineer, he rapidly earned positions of increased and broadened responsibilities, such as product manager of the Wälischmiller power manipulator system A1000. As a recognized technical expert in the field of nuclear remote operation he was involved in all decommissioning projects of the company.

Jean-Michel Wagner,

P.A. of the Managing Director

Jean-Michel Wagner is the personal assistant of the managing director of Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH. With more than 12 years’ experience at Wälischmiller, Jean-Michel started his career as sales assistant and became fast marketing project manager. In this role he is responsible for the planning and implementation of marketing strategies. He rapidly earned positions of increased and broadened responsibilities, such as supporting and relieving the management in conceptual and operational tasks, as well as in strategic issues.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Awareness on HWM products
  • Response to complex requirements with off the shelf products
  • Feedback from a manufacturer to requirements and solutions offered


  • Head of design department
  • Head of group
  • Project manager
  • Head of procurement
  • Head of sales
  • Sales manager
  • Head of technical department
  • Remote handling specialist
  • Robotic specialist