Specifying LED UV Curing for Today’s Industrial Applications

Sponsored by: AMS Spectral UV, a Baldwin Technology Company

Focused on:

  • Led Uv

Date: 21 June

Days to go: 8

Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

Making the Switch from Traditional UV

Today, many people are aware of the inherent advantages of LED UV over traditional UV lamp curing in printing markets, however up until recently, only a handful of manufacturers have made the switch to LED in industrial applications. This is all beginning to change. Recent developments in industrial LED curing equipment design from optics, to power density and wavelength availability are now making the switch a reality for a growing number of industrial UV users in applications ranging from optical coatings to adhesives and more, with big players realizing some big advantages.

In this webinar you’ll learn from experts at market leader, AMS Spectral UV, a Baldwin Technology Company on:
• How new developments in UV LED power output, wavelength and formulation are easing the change
• How to size up the economic and production advantages of LED over traditional Arc Lamp UV curing
• How to specify the right LED UV equipment options and technology for your process
• How to solve traditional UV curing challenges and rethink the entire process
• How to obtain expert assistance and set on a course to improve production efficiency and products
• How to finance the transition through energy savings and a smaller equipment footprint

We’ll provide examples of where it’s happening and rationale from experts and you’ll hear from specialists who have realized the benefits from switching to LED from traditional UV.
- Equipment Design
- Wavelength Availability
- Formulation Considerations

AMS Spectral UV is a world class integrator of industrial UV curing technology and has helped some of the biggest names in industry switch their traditional curing processes to LED UV. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial strength curing solutions, AMS Spectral UV systems are used daily around the world in a host of industrial manufacturing processes to cure adhesives, treatments, coatings, printed parts and more, activating the desired photo-initiators effectively and efficiently. Join our industrial UV curing webinar to learn more.

Presented by

Michael Derrick,

Director of Operations

As director of operations and key accounts for AMS Spectral UV® - a Baldwin Technology Company (www.amsspectraluv.com), Michael is on the forefront of the transition of curing technology from conventional arc lamps to LED UV-based systems. With his mechanical and process engineering background, Michael spends the majority of his time today working with industrial UV technology users, assisting them specify and adapt their UV processes and requirements to custom solutions from AMS Spectral UV.

Hans Ulland,

Executive Vice President

As co-founder of North American UV and LED curing systems pioneer, Air Motion Systems, Inc. and co-founder of the Print UV Conference (www.printuv.com), Hans Ulland has been a driving force behind the global growth of UV curing technology from conventional arc lamps to modern LED UV systems for nearly three decades. Today Hans provides commercial and technology leadership to AMS Spectral UV® – a Baldwin Technology Company (www.amsspectraluv.com), following its acquisition of AMS in 2017.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the top 5 benefits of LED over UV
  • Overcoming common challenges when switching from UV to LED


  • Project Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Formulators
  • Chemical Process Engineers
  • Energy Engineers
  • Energy Science Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Product Engineers
  • Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • Thermo-Fluid Engineers
  • Biochemical Engineers