Smart and Connected in FMCG

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Smart Solutions
  • Smart Innovations
  • Fmcg
  • Packaging

Date: 27 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Today's consumers are living in a rapidly digitizing world that is becoming seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

The omnipresence and accessibility of technology has led to an increased demand for “smart” solutions, which is having a profound effect on how consumers interact with people, brands, products, and their environment.

It has also given rise to new and unique needs, including the desire for products with “shareable appeal”, smart packaging, as well as devices and applications which can manage different facets of a consumer’s lifestyle.

This webinar will explore the key trends and consumer behavior driving smart and connected innovations across the FMCG space, and highlight several of latest developments and opportunities in this dynamic space.

Presented by

Lia Neophytou,

Associate Analyst

Lia joined GlobalData as an Associate Analyst in 2016. Her responsibilities include providing insightful analysis into the trends and consumer behavior catalyzing innovation across the FMCG space. Her particular areas of interest lie in the impact of consumer behavior and trends on the development of global beauty and personal care innovation.

Lia has presented at a leading personal care conference, In-Cosmetics Global, in both London (2017) and Amsterdam (2018) over the past two years, and has been quoted in online publications including Journal du Net, GCI Magazine, CosmeticsDesign.com, and HAPPI Magazine.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand relevant consumer trends and attitudes driving smart FMCG innovation.
  • Reduce the risk of failure by spotting emerging opportunities while there is still time to act.
  • Gain a broader appreciation of factors driving innovation in digitally connected fast-moving consumer goods.
  • Access valuable strategic take-outs to direct future decision-making and new product development.


  • Director of Research and Development
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of New Product Development
  • Marketing Manager
  • Manager – Market Intelligence
  • Brand Manager