Selling Cloud Technology Into Financial Services

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • It Legacy
  • Alignment To Interoperability

Date: 26 July


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Retail Banking and Insurance

“Fast”, “affordable”, “personalized” and “hassle-free” are words that are rarely associated with financial products and services. ‘Big’ no longer necessarily commands a solid position-the large and significant size of financial organizations could mean less agility than new market entrants. Complicated IT legacy systems and processes leads incumbent insurers and banks to miss on the opportunities to capitalize on data and analytics effectively.

Any pledge for insurers and banks to become customer centric will only be considered successful if their digital plans are aligned to the back-office functions. In IT terms, this will translate into sunsetting legacy systems; alignment to interoperability; better exploitation of cloud computing. However, most banks and insurers currently investing in small-scale private
cloud projects. That is not a surprise; the financial services sector is somehow reluctant to embrace cloud on larger scale, understandably due to regulations and security reservations.

This webinar will explore the state of cloud computing in the financial services; trends, demands, benefits and adoption barriers. How banks and insurers can capitalize on cloud to help accelerate reach, shore up loyalty, and buffer margins while avoiding risks. We will also discuss banks and insurers major investment strategy elements, and some tactics critical to driving successful cloud sales to financial services by vendors.

Join GlobalData’s webinar to explore how vendors and managed service providers should demonstrate reliability, and prove their security and credibility to effectivity sell cloud to the financial services.

Presented by

Ruby Ghunia ,

Analyst, Digital Insurance

Ruby leads the research and advisory service for the Digital Insurance practice at GlobalData.

Her role covers all areas of digital transformation. Her responsibilities include shaping the research agenda for identifying and monitoring key tech trends impacting the global insurance industry, and assessing the response and the future strategies. She supports competitive benchmarking, enhancing both the market positioning and go-to-market strategies of insurers and vendors.

Ruby participates actively in industry forums, regularly chairing discussion panels and speaking at key industry events such as FCA InsurTechs, RISC Authority and Lloyd’s of London Seminars.

Prior to joining GlobalData, Ruby was a FS Analyst at GfK, conducting numerous studies relating to financial services technology markets. Ruby holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge, and a BA from the University of Manchester and has undertaken an Advanced Postgraduate Certificate in Finance.

Stephen Walker ,

Lead Analyst Digital Banking

Steve leads the research and advisory program for GlobalData’s Digital Banking Practice.

His research explores the scale of technology transformation necessary for incumbents to compete in a more “open” banking environment, and the prospects for various new entrants.

Prior to joining GlobalData, Steve was an analyst at Forrester Research, where he led a playbook of research on Digital Money Management (DMM), and developed the firm’s flagship functionality benchmarks. Prior to that, he led a Research function within Lloyds Banking Groups’ Strategy team.

Steve holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BSc from King’s College, London.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current and forecasted spend by banks/insurers on cloud technology
  • Identify the key trends and drivers of cloud migration at banks/insurers
  • Assess the key regulatory considerations for providers in the US and Europe
  • Identify key decision-makers and their “care-abouts” at banks/insurers


  • Head of sales
  • Head of strategy
  • CXO
  • Head of Marketing
  • Risk management mangers
  • COO
  • Head of operations
  • head of product development
  • Head of R&D
  • Sale Leads