Secrets to a winning bid proposal: What every contractor needs to know

Sponsored by: InEight

Focused on:

  • Technology
  • Cost Structure
  • Construction Market

Date: 7 April


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Breaking down best practices when producing price proposals, an inside look at how your company can achieve unparalleled flexibility and visibility for all project stakeholders.

In the construction industry, understanding your costs for a project is only half the battle. The other half is presenting a proposal that ensures all costs and margins are covered, and submitting it in a way that meets the client’s bid form requirements. Add to this the pressures of last-minute alternate selections and scope changes, and you have a recipe for disaster if any element of the bid is overlooked or left to chance.

Industry best practices are rather fluid, depending on the amount of information available at any point in time. Customers often ask for a Rough Order of Magnitude cost estimate, when project details and specifics are scant. As that scope becomes more developed, and engineering drawings and specifications become more clear, this ROM estimate needs to morph and adapt to keep up with new data as it is uncovered. This webinar will showcase how to keep up with scope changes, multiple review processes for different audiences, and tying it all together with a client-facing proposal that meets the customer’s requirements.

Join Rick Deans of InEight to learn how leading organizations are leveraging technology to better understand their cost structure, better managing estimate revisions, and winning work in today’s challenging yet rewarding construction market.

Presented by

Rick Deans,

Executive Vice President

Since 1998, Rick Deans has worked with InEight customers in more than 35 countries to help identify innovative solutions that address their biggest project management pain points.

As executive vice president of industry engagement, Rick leads InEight’s efforts to engage with its most strategic customers through the Industry Advisory Group (IAG). Rick works with IAG member companies to evaluate InEight solutions before they are put to work on projects and also to identify industry best practices. Rick is passionate about facilitating strong partnerships across the industry and helping build awareness of InEight solutions.

An engaging public speaker, he leads workshops on the value of InEight’s product portfolio and is active in many industry associations, including the Associated General Contractors of America and the Construction Industry Institute. Prior to InEight, Rick advised software companies on talent acquisition and retention. Rick holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from UCLA.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Easily navigate a complex bid process, as new information is released daily
  • Intuitively know your cost when pricing bid proposals
  • Provide unparalleled visibility to all project stakeholders
  • Win more jobs, at the best price possible


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