Safe crane solutions with explosion-proof lifting equipment

Sponsored by: STAHL CraneSystems GmbH

Focused on:

  • Technology
  • Protection

Date: 15 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to protect overhead crane systems in potentially explosive areas

Explosion-proof crane systems are a must where gases, vapours and mists as well as dust or fibres are generated and cause explosion hazards. Explosion protection serves to prevent damage to persons and equipment. This webinar helps to classify the regulations ATEX / IECEx and gives an insight into explosion protection concepts according to NEC or CEC.

In addition, the places of use and danger points in lifting, transport and control technology are shown and it is demonstrated how they can be protected with the aid of efficient, electric wire rope hoists, chain hoists, drives and crane components.
The webinar is rounded off by practical tips for many years of safe operation with maintenance-friendly lifting equipment.
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Presented by

Ricky Pickup,

Technical Trainer

Ricky Pickup is a Technical Trainer for the company STAHL CraneSystems specialized in Training on hoists, components and cranes in safe areas and hazardous locations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • ATEX, IECEx, NEC, getting to know the regulations
  • Areas of applications and intended uses of explosion-proof lifting equipment
  • An insight into electrical and mechanical explosion-proof protection types
  • Solutions in the Praxis


  • head of production
  • head of facility management
  • maintenance manager
  • procure manager
  • architects and planners
  • EPC contractor