Revolutionizing Surveillance Camera Maintenance

Sponsored by: MG Squared, Inc.

Focused on:

  • Surveillance Camera Maintenance

Date: 15 July

Days to go: 32

Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

Lowering Downtime & Raising Performance: The Most Cost Efficient, Ground Level Maintenance for Security or Transport Surveillance Cameras

One of the most critical and essential components of any Intelligent Highway system or Critical Infrastructure Security system is the surveillance camera. The real-time visual information from these cameras provides immediate feedback as to traffic situations and security threats. Often overlooked in the deployments of such cameras, is how they can be quickly and efficiently maintained without creating the very issues the cameras were initially designed to alleviate. On highway deployments, the simple cleaning of the camera lens or the complete replacement of the camera generally requires one or more lane closures, expensive and time-consuming traffic control, eventual bucket truck deployment (often during the most dangerous hours of the night) thereby creating both congestion and hazards on the roadways that the very cameras were initially deployed to minimize. In the high-end security environment, the same maintenance will typically require critical sector closures due to the traditional maintenance equipment required or even armed response teams in the “down” sector until a bucket truck eventually arrives and the maintenance takes place. In both scenarios, the maintenance technician is left with no option but working in a constricted environment in a bucket anywhere between 12m to 30m above the ground.

In this Webinar, you will learn how the utilization of the MG2 camera lowering device can expedite camera maintenance at ground level without the need of bucket trucks or lane/sector closures while greatly enhancing safety as the technician stands securely with both feet on the ground. This type of maintenance reduces the hazards to both technician and typical road users by significantly reducing (if not eliminating completely) the standard exposed work zone on the high-speed travel way or the unpredictable and challenging terrain found in perimeter security applications. The ease and speed of camera maintance with the MG2 camera lowering device versus the typical bucket truck maintenance greatly enhances camera performance efficiency and reduces overall down-time.

An added benefit to any MG2 camera lowering device deployment is that the system can be deployed at any height increasing the overall field of view for the camera without sacrificing maintainability… but rather, improving maintainability. This innovative lowering device can be provided with a new customized steel or concrete pole at the best height for the application or even retrofit mounted on essentially any existing structure also at any height. Whether the existing structure is a pole, tower, bridge, building, stack or otherwise… MG2 can provide a custom lowering device to mount to this existing structure transforming the previous location to the most advanced, maintainable and efficient surveillance camera location.

Everywhere this innovative lowering system from MG2 is utilized… camera locations and heights are freed from the bondage of minimum mounting heights and locations previously dictated by bucket truck access and height limitations.
We encourage you to register for this Webinar Presentation and learn how this system can revolutionize the maintenance of your next or existing camera surveillance deployment. Come learn how camera maintenance can be more cost efficient, performance efficient, more maintainable and safe.

Presented by

Martin A. Maners, III,

Vice President & General Counsel

Martin A. Maners, III is the Vice President & General Counsel for MG Squared, Inc. (MG2). He shares ownership in the company while overseeing legal matters, business development, as well as customer retention and new project acquisition.

Mr. Maners has a B.S. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (1990) and a Juris Doctorate from The Cumberland School of Law at Samford University (1993).

Mr. Maners has served as an industry member of AASHTOs Task Force 13 and the ITS America Advisory Committee. He is a member of the American Bar Association and the American Association for Justice's Section on Motor Vehicle Collision, Highway and Premises Liability. Mr. Maners is a graduate of the inaugural FBI Citizens Academy – Birmingham.

Mr. Maners has been providing presentations and training on roadway maintenance, lowering systems & safety technology for Municipalities, Departments of Transport & Defense and Secure Facilities worldwide since 1996.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Reduce Surveillance Camera Maintenance Cost
  • Increase Surveillance Camera Maintenance Safety
  • Improve Surveillance Camera Efficiency (Mounting Heights & Mounting Locations)
  • Reduce overall time and personnel required to perform surveillance camera maintenance


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  • Surveillance System Maintenance Manager
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  • ITS Engineer
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  • Vice President of Infrastructure Security
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  • District ITS Manager
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  • Deputy Commissioner
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