Public sector outsourcing: Delight or decline?

Sponsored by: Global Data

Focused on:

  • Public Sector It
  • Digital Transformation

Date: 9 October


Time: 11AM London

The times are a-changin’

The decline of traditional monolithic outsourcing is rapidly changing the face of public sector IT. As the market has adapted to the demands of digital transformation, and opened up to greater competition, it has also become more complex. Public sector organisations are looking for tech suppliers to support them in new ways, disrupting the market and creating winners and losers.

The team at GlobalData Public Sector has been tracking the public sector IT outsourcing market for nearly 30 years, and in this webinar the analysts will discuss current trends and prospects for the future.

Presented by

David Bicknell,

Editor, Government Computing

Government Computing is the UK’s leading public sector ICT title. Previously David held senior editorial positions at Computer Weekly and e-Business Review. He has worked as a freelance editor, author and content and media specialist, and is co-author with Tony Collins of a book of IT project management case studies called ‘Crash’ (Simon & Schuster).

Rob Anderson,

Principal Analyst, Central Government

Rob manages GlobalData Public Sector’s central government ICT research, analysing market trends and delivering consulting projects. Prior to joining GlobalData he undertook a number of commercial roles within the Cabinet Office, including that of Crown Representative for software suppliers. He also undertook active engagements in the Government Digital Service (GDS) and Buying Solutions (now CCS).

Alan Mo,

Research Director, Local Government

Alan is responsible for developing and implementing research programmes aimed at sizing and forecasting ICT supplier opportunities in the local public services and outsourcing markets. Previously Alan was an Insight Development Manager at Nokia, where he was responsible for ensuring market insights were fully embedded in the strategic planning and product development process, and Head of Technology, Media & Energy at Intelligentsia.

Dan Jones,

Senior Analyst, Defence, Security and Emergency Services

Dan leads GlobalData Public Sector’s research in the defence, security and emergency services ICT markets. Prior to joining GlobalData, Dan was a defence and security analyst for an independent business information provider in the City of London. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of York and a master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the University of Leeds.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand where and why traditional IT outsourcing in the UK public sector is declining
  • Evaluate the alternative IT delivery models that public sector organisations are looking at
  • Compare differing approaches to IT outsourcing in central government, local government, defence and emergency services
  • Identify future market opportunities
  • Adapt your offering and strategy to the new market realities


  • IT Service Providers and tech companies and consultancies working with the public sector
  • Public sector CIOs and sourcing strategists