Process Industry: Predictive Analytics is Here to Scale

Sponsored by: Precognize

Focused on:

  • Digital Transformation

Date: 23 October


Time: 9AM London

The process industry has embraced digital transformation and has shown great progress in adopting certain digital solutions. However, many technology pilots still end in failure.

Successful pilots are important since they are a prerequisite for successful scaling of technology in the organization. Our goal at Precognize is to ensure that our predictive analytics solution runs smoothly throughout the entire organization, which can unlock its vast benefits at large scale.

In this webinar, Chen Linchevski, CEO of Precognize, will share his formidable experience with predictive analytics pilots, and walk you through the steps of a successful pilot, which provides the necessary foundation to scale up significantly.

What does it take to scale digital solutions in the process industry? How does your industry differ from other industries within the process industry? What are the specific needs for your plant? How and when should you involve IT? What is the best architecture for your plant? What is the right approach for training personnel across the organization? Are you still struggling with a predictive analytics pilot? Are you past the pilot phase and want to know how to apply your experience with digital solutions to other plants in your organization?

Join us in this webinar, learn from others’ experience and seize the opportunity of getting your questions and concerns addressed by an expert.

Presented by

Chen Linchevski,


Chen, a true believer in the ability of the industrial sector to transform itself and increase efficiency, took raw ideas and transformed them into promising companies. Throughout the execution Chen demonstrated true leadership and vision. Precognize, of which he’s CEO today, was recently acquired by Samson AG. During his career, Chen worked with key industrial companies such as GE, Siemens, BASF, Shell, and LG, specializing in the design and analysis of complex industrial systems.

Lyat Avidor Peleg,


Lyat is an executive marketer with experience in both marketing and startups. Prior to joining Precognize, Lyat provided marketing services – from strategy to content. She founded and was the CEO of a mobile application startup herself. Prior to that, Lyat was an Editor-in-Chief and VP of Content of a global publishing house. Lyat holds a BA and MA in Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and researched immigration and globalization for her PhD. Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn to define a successful predictive analytics pilot
  • Learn what are the right parameters for scaling up in your organization
  • Learn how to do a smooth conversion from pilot to scale


  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Head of Innovation
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Innovation Lead
  • Vice President Operations
  • Director of Operations
  • Plant General Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Senior Process Engineer
  • Senior Director of Operations
  • Head of production
  • Head of Production
  • VP Engineering
  • Head of Engineering