Practical Cyber Security

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  • Cyber Security

Date: 21 September


Time: 11AM London

Creating a realistic plan to prevent the unpreventable

Recently, we’ve seen a string of high profile cyber attacks; defacing websites, spreading malware through phishing attacks and brute forcing email logins. For those companies affected - there is now the lengthy process of plugging the holes and assessing the damage, not to mention the concern over the type of data now in the hands of potential criminals.

All of these attacks could have been prevented if a bespoke and robust security plan and policies had been in place. None are particularly sophisticated attacks - with a little more investment in the foundations of security, they would have been prevented. As communications with employees, customers, suppliers and partners have grown ever more embedded in the way we do business, we have correspondingly seen the natural security boundary of our businesses eroded. For this reason, now and certainly in the future, it will be essential that endpoint management and 3rd party security protocols are at the top of our cyber defence strategies.

We cannot predict where the next attack will come from. It becomes vitally important that the plans and policies we implement are relevant to the business and its most valuable assets, embedded across the organisation and easily maintainable without impacting existing workflows.

Shaun reflects on the latest enterprise employee research by CCS Insight. In this webinar, he will outline the explosion of devices, sensors and wearables in organisations, the changing nature of the digital workplace and employees' attitudes to these shifts. The behaviour of employees in secure environments and security in regulated and non-regulated settings will be central to this. The webinar will look at the concerns of lines of business in securing operations and, more crucially, data from outside of the IT department. CCS Insight's analysis outlines the industry's main suppliers and their perceptions, and examines how employees perform in these settings. Shaun will discuss the function of artificial intelligence (AI) in workplace security, and explore the business community's attitudes and awareness about the degree to which AI could transform the workspace. He will also review the role of security in the perception of businesses.

You’ll also hear from BlackBerry where rather than looking at the root causes of these attacks, we are going to focus on the importance of building out a robust security plan so that these and a host of other threats are mitigated.

Presented by

James McDowell,

Director, BlackBerry Cyber Security Services

For the last 4 years James has been Director of Services at Encription Ltd, a CESG GCHQ certified IT security consultancy specialising in penetration testing, digital forensics and training. Encription was acquired by BlackBerry in February 2016 and today James’s principle role is to deliver effective and robust approaches to IT security against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

Shaun Collins,

CEO, CCS Insight @shauncollins

Shaun has a strong track record in the global wireless equipment manufacturing business, having held a number of senior sales and service roles in the UK, Europe and the US. Shaun was European account director for Motorola at a time when the industry was moving from analogue to digital technology. He founded CCS Insight in 1993 and the company has achieved rapid and sustained growth, doubling revenue during the past four years.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Create a solid Cyber Security Plan
  • Hear from leading analyst firm, CCS Insight, on latest enterprise employee research
  • Find out what BlackBerry’s Director of Cyber Security see in terms of real world trends
  • Get practical advice on how to mitigate the main Cyber Security risks


  • IT Manager/Director
  • Cyber Security Teams
  • CISO
  • CIO