Open Banking: Key Technology Risks and Solutions

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Banking
  • Security
  • Risks

Date: 2 November


Time: 12PM New York/4PM London

Platitudes, Prospects and Probabilities

Open banking presents fundamental and still largely unanswered questions on how best to manage the overall ecosystem from a technology perspective, particularly as it pertains to security; but also in how best to monetise the opportunity from a business perspective. Done wrong, open banking could result in another PPI-scale scandal and pay out, endangering banks’ centuries old reputation as trusted, secure providers.

In this webinar, we review differing paths to openness around the world and risks and opportunities inherent in each. We analyse the specific strategies of leading incumbent banks and how incumbent vendors and emerging fintech are supporting those efforts with some seeking to go-it-alone. We elaborate on specific risks during the final implementation phase, and how best to manage those risks. We conclude by enumerating strategic imperatives for all affected parties.

Whether you are an IT vendor, Fintech provider or incumbent bank, this session will help you understand what a more open banking environment means for you and your business.

Presented by

Stephen Walker,

Lead Analyst, Digital Retail Banking

Stephen Walker leads Global Data’s Digital Banking Tech Practice. Prior to joining GlobalData, he was a digital banking analyst at Forrester Research, where he helped develop various online and mobile banking functionality benchmarks, and led a playbook of research on Digital Money Management (DMM). Prior to that, Steve was a banking analyst at Corporate Executive Board and a Research Manager within Lloyds bank’s Strategy division.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different paths to openness and the key technology risks presented by each
  • Understand how to optimize processes, platforms and people for ‘fintegration’
  • Understand where you’re most at risk of disruption and how to mitigate that risk by partnering, pre-integrating or acquiring fintech
  • Understand the likely consumer and regulatory responses as change gathers pace


  • Head of Digital Banking
  • Head of Market Intelligence
  • Head of Research
  • Head of Fintech